Rolf increased sales of new cars by 16% in 2016

Rolf 25 years

Rolf announced results of its work in 2016 year. The company noted that it managed to achieve a positive dynamics by all key business indicators and increase revenue by 30%. The best revenue growth was in car sales (+70%), sales of spare parts (+69%) and in financial services (+53%).

Russian automotive market declined by 11% in 2016 year. Meanwhile, Rolf has performance much better than the market. The company increased sales of new cars by 16.2%, up to 72’640 vehicles. Among them credit sales reached share of 41%. The dealer became Russian leader of corporate sales with 21’858 sold cars. So it increased its market share from 3.9% to 5.1% and proved its absolute leadership in new car sales among Russian dealers.

The primacy of Rolf is based on strong positions in all its key brands. So, the company became the largest dealer of 10 foreign brands in 2016. It sold:

  • 20’941 new Hyundai (14.4% of brands sales in Russia),
  • 8’289 Ford vehicles (19.5%),
  • 7’596 Skoda cars (13.7%),
  • 6’707 Mitsubishi (40%),
  • 2’689 Mazda (12.5%),
  • 1’759 Land Rover (19.3%),
  • 320 Chrysler and Jeep (24.6),
  • 264 Jaguar (12.7%),
  • 57 Alfa Romeo (57%).

In addition, 14 of Rolf’s dealerships became the #1 in new cars sales per showroom of their brands.

The Blue Fish division, responsible for used cars sales, demonstrated results significantly above the market too. It managed to increase sales by 48% up to 33’124 used cars, while the whole market grew by 9%. It is also the best results of Russian automotive retail holdings.

Rolf continued its development and its expansion in 2016 year. Brand portfolio was full fill by dealerships of Ford and Renault in Moscow. Furthermore, a historic deal of merging Rolf and Pelican-Auto assets was closed in March 2016. As a result, Rolf grew by 4 dealerships in Moscow and got new brands – BMW and Nissan. These dealers have been already fully integrated and were able to significantly improve their results. E.g. Rolf PrimaryBMW dealership sold 1’210 new cars (+77% YoY), sales of Skoda Rolf Veshki amounted to 2’842 cars (+101% YoY), and two Nissan showrooms has increased volumes by 50% up to 2’656 cars.

Rolf will continue its development in 2017. So Rolf Yug site will be enriched by Volkswagen showroom in the second quarter of 2017. It will be the first dealership of new Volkswagen format. New Toyota showroom will be launched at Volgogradsky prospect in November 2017. In addition, Rolf will launch sales of BMW Motorrad motorcycles in March. The company also does not exclude the possibility of mergers or purchasing of small dealers. It is monitoring the market and studies monthly two or three companies in Moscow and St. Petersburg regarding to these purposes. It has a lot of offers from banks that have assets at this market, bringing losses to them.

Svetlana Vinogradova, General Manager of Rolf, commented company’s results in 2016 as following:

Svetlana Vinogradova
Svetlana Vinogradova

“Rolf continues to strengthen its position at Russian market, and the company’s share of new cars sales across the country already exceeds 5%. At the beginning of 2017, the company adopted a new strategy. Its quintessence is the full involvement and commitment of the team to achieve the main goal – high efficiency of the business based on customer confidence. Our efforts will be aimed at strengthening the leadership of Rolf at Russian market, regardless of external conditions. The strategic company’s interest will be focused on used cars sales development where we also hold the leadership. Company’s leadership will be based on development of human potential, innovations and excellent quality customer service.

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