Roads of Russia will be more comfortable and safe

Photo: Тынуженлюдям.рф

On November 21, 2016 a meeting of the Presidium of Presidential Council for the strategic development and priority projects was held. During this meeting the passport of the project was approved by of one of the main directions of strategic development – “Safe and qualitative roads.” The issue of roads’ quality is important for the economic development of the country as a whole and the regions in particular. Taking into account only the direct effect of the macroeconomic contribution of road complex is about 7% in Russia’s GDP.

Project “Safe and qualitative roads” is calculated to April 2026 and provides two main directions – bringing at least 85% of the road network in 34 metropolitan areas with a population of over 500’000 people to the standards and reducing the number of accidental areas on the roads in these agglomerations to 15% from the level in 2016. Also it planned to create intelligent control system of traffic and transport infrastructure. One of the stages of implementation of this system will be publicly available information and analytical system for monitoring the use of budget funds, as well as the system of quality monitoring and the level of accidents roads. The appearance of such control and monitoring systems is expected already in 2017.

Resources: Government of Russia, Government of Russia