Road reconstruction in Russia will get subsidies

Дороги в регионах получат помощь правительства

In 2015 Russian government reduced expenses for construction and reconstruction of federal roads by 25% comparing to 2014 (to 179 bln RUR). At the same time, regional and local roads got 2.5 times more subsidies (up to 147 bln RUR).

Totally in Russia there are 1’452.2 thousand kilometers of roads. Federal roads count just 4% (51.9 thousand kilometers), but 63.3% correspond to requirements. During 2 years quality of such roads improved by about 20%.

In regions quantity of roads up to requirements count 38.8%, local roads – 31.6%. And 43.6% of local roads doesn’t have rigid covering. Quality of such roads in 2 years improved by 1%. Now the roads are financed at 14-15% from necessary level.

On April 29, 2016 Russian govenrment discussed mesures of road development. In 2016 federal support to regional and local programmes will decrease almost in three times – till 52.2 bln RUR.

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