Results of Russian economy development in January-October 2015

Итоги развития экономики России в январе-октябре 2015 года

Rosstat has published data on industrial development of Russia in January-October 2015. The index of industrial production for the period amounted to 96.5% of the previous year.

The most important production areas of mining were not injured then (index 100.4%), production / distribution of electricity, gas and water fell to a lesser extent (99% from 2014), manufacturing fell below all-Russin aggregate index (94.7% from 2014).

The result of output decline in physical measurement have shown, for example, the following major manufacturing:

For a number of items of winter clothing the fall 2014 amounted to 34% from 2014

The reception apparatus television (55%)

Bars, rods and profiles copper (63.2%)

Preparation of juices (70.8%)

Cars (76.8%)

The best result in the industry have shown the production of cheese (121.6% to 2014), fruit of workpieces in the form of chutneys and pastes (119.9%) and dyes synthetic (118.2%.)

The fall of Russia’s GDP in Q3 of 2015 amounted to -4.1% comparing to 2014. Dynamics of industrial production for the period amounted to -3.2%.

In September 2015, the dynamics of consumer prices was +15.7% against 2014, the unemployment rate was 5.2%.