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Renewed Picasso meuseum was opened in France on October 25, 2014

25 октября 2014 года во Франции открылся обновлённый музей П.Пикассо

On October 25, 2014 in France, after 5 years of restoration works, was opened museum of Pablo Picasso, placed in Marais disctrict of Paris. The ceremoony of opening was started with French President F.Holland, Maya Picasso and others.

Collection of the museum, composed of 5’000 works, was replenished by members of the painter’s family in 1979 and 1990s. Total area of the museum is 5’000 square meters, exhibit hall – 3’600 square meters. Cost of renewal is 43 mln Euro. Most of the amount was earned by the museum by organization of 21 International exhibitions. // Paris // 25/10/2014, Source: La Croix