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Renault-Nissan joined the Global business Council for sustainable development

July 20, 2016, the Renault-Nissan Alliance joined the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Joining the Council means that the Alliance emphasizes “sustainable development” as the Foundation of its business, and that it has the goal of moving towards zero emissions and lack of deaths on the roads.

The global Business Council, founded in 1992, unites more than 200 companies, which consider the main objective of “sustainable development”. Among the members of the organization world-renowned global players such as Daimler AG, 3M, ACER, BASF, Ford, Ikea, Toyota, TheCocaColacompany, PwC, BP и др.

Program of the Council aims to provide for current and future business leaders a deep understanding of the sustainability issues and opportunities for the strategy. By 2050, the Council plans to achieve a “true value” measuring business.

Creating a new car group Renault-Nissan aims to improve the life of the society to increase mobility, to solve the most significant problems of safety and ecology.

Renault-Nissan– global leader in the production of electric cars. For the period since 2010, the group sold 340’000 such vehicles, with zero emissions. Currently, the concern works on development of the system of Autonomous driving (AutonomousDrive), creation next-generation technology in communications and other fields, to achieve the absence of emissions and mortality.


Nissan, World Business Council for Sustainable Development .