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Reiman’s factory Angstrem becomes Zelenograd zone resident


According to the press service of the Ministry of economic development of Russia (Mineconomy), on 26 June 2017 the Deputy Minister A. Tsybulsky will present certificates to new residents of technical-innovative special economic zone (SEZ Zelenograd) companies “Angstrem” and “Angstrem-T”. The companies will develop and introduce the Russian “microelectronic products using the built-in super flash memory”.

The company is owned by the former head of the Ministry of communications Leonid Reiman. Previously the company’s owner and Angstrem-T Chairman of the Board has already received from the government $1 billion for credit restructuring. The loan was made in 2007 for the establishment of production on the basis of the purchase of European AMD plant.

Microelectronics is one of the main directions of the activities of 37 resident companies of the SEZ, along with laser, plasma, biotechnologies, energy saving and information technologies. SEZ residents – companies like Zelenograd innovation-technological center, Nanoptika, Sigma-Optik LTD. A special mode is valid there till 2055.

In addition to the preferences of the SEZ, companies like Angstrom as residents will receive zero tax on property and land within 10 years, 0% transport tax for 5 years, 13.5% rate of profit tax until 2018, preferential land lease with the possibility of foreclosure on the cadastral value. The company will also receive significant benefits in the supply of raw materials and components for production. Products of Angstroms will be used in the transport and communication markets.

At the moment, one of the group’s companies – Angstrom-Telecom – is already a resident of the SEZ. Thus, Anstrom will be presented in Zelenograd by three companies.

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