Recipe pickling white sea herring

Рецепт засолки беломорской сельди

On June 11, 2016 company LavkaLavka [1] gave another feast of gourmet healthy and delicious food, namely fish. Works of culinary art were represented to Russian and foreign public by their creator Maxim Kurbatov. We took advantage of the hospitality and took a small interview of this outstanding specialist fish dishes.

Maxim hardly agreed to share the recipe with layman. Because the technology of preparation contains the secrets of mastery and business, it is not common to be revealed. But the recipe of Northern delicacy “of Belomorsky”, that is, pickling the so-called “white sea herring”, he finally told us.

Maxim Kurbatov is artist by education, he was previously engaged in design, but gradually his interests shifted to sport fishing and prepare fish dishes. «I like it better than what I was doing before, – he admits, – there is more live communication». From places of fishing, an experienced fisherman prefers Tuva (lenok, grayling, trout, pike, etc), also goes to Kazakhstan and other places.

“Belomorka”, incidentally, is not a herring, it’s fry of the Cisco family. Its season starts in January and lasts until March.

As always happens to passionate natures and professionals, recipe of Maxim Kurbatov contains the backstory, and the promise of ease of execution. «Recipe for Belomorka starts from the coast-dwellers, who salted her… Queen Elizabeth has issued a decree “from now Belomorka should be salted with Dutch Ambassador». The secret of this dish is quite simple and well-known: salt, sugar… and (I a little improved the quantity of ingredients) coriander, Bay leaf. So, crushed coriander, crumple Bay leaves, mix with salt and sugar and dry sasalihan Ambassador.

Salt mix – 10% of the weight of the fish.

The sequence of calculations: take the container, poured the salt mixture, the fish is laid, again salt, and then in layers. You can cover the lid. After 3-4 hours the fish is ready, and Maxim recommends that you track this time to not overexpose and ruin the product. The finished fish can be directly eat, can be rolled up into banks, adding a little boiling water.

“According to GOST it even dried – adds Maxim. Put it on a grid to drain the formed water and the fish was dry and free of brine. But according to GOST barrels have almost a week to proclivity is already impossible.”

That all sounds really uncomplicated. But, as we know, it all depends on the hands of the master and making skills. Maxim all very tasty (my grandmother like she has nothing to compare!), let’s hope everyone will inspire this recipe, too, get that fish.