Provence style in the interior – French country chic

Tableware in Provence style. Photo: Julia Saffron

Provence style in the interior – this interior trend originated from the French provinces. The name was given by one of the southern regions of France named Provence. A characteristic feature of this style is the adherence to the principles of finishing country houses in the region. The decor style is still called French country. Unlike the usual country it has acquired a special French chic. The fact is this interior design derives from aristocratic estate located far from city, but not from some village huts. Therefore, the style combines the luxury and ease and comfort at the same time.

Where style of Provence is used a more commonly?

Often we can meet provence style in counrty house interior, as it was originally. But it is often used in urban apartments too. In the city it allows us to make a more intimate living space and to be closer to nature, which has a favorable effect on the person. Comfort is achieved with a help of soft, unobtrusive colors in the interior, using many handmade items, natural textiles, wood and ceramics. From all this emanates tenderness and warmth. For this reason, it is believed that the style is more feminine. At least, everything reminds here of the presence of women in the house – housewives and homemakers. This does not mean that the Provence is suitable only for kitchen and living room. In this style, you can perfectly equip the office and other rooms.

Style characteristics

If you see the rustic finish of old French estates and modern imitations, we can clearly see what is Provence in the interior. Photo examples will allow you to become acquainted with the details. The characteristic features are following:

  • pastel colors;
  • floral patterns;
  • application of various techniques of aging;
  • the abundance of textiles;
  • natural materials;
  • many small decorative interior items;
  • the presence of handicrafts and handmade items;
  • predominance of furniture of classic design.
Bedroom in Provence style. Photo: Julia Saffron
Bedroom in Provence style. Photo: Julia Saffron

The modern variation of the direction is a bit eclectic. This often represents not pure Provence, but a collective image with elements of classic, modern, minimalist.


Interior design in Provence style is done in muted pastel tones. The bright colors practically do not come with this design. Predominantly are used following colors: sky blue, olive, lilac, white, pale silver, lavender, turquoise, beige, cream and cream-pink. Sometimes can be used rich accents of purple, pink and blue. Such a choice of soft shades due to the similarity with sun-bleached paint, which is found in old country houses.

Furniture in Provence style

Furniture for interior in the Provence style is made of natural wood. In extreme cases it can be made of MDF. The design follows the design tradition of the classicism and the Rococo – straight or convoluted shape with a flat or embossed carvings. Besides convex of carved elements and upholstery of natural fabrics, a good furniture has no additional ornaments. It is often fully painted in white or any pastel shades. You can add a vintage effect, making a two-layer staining of two different colours with krakelyura or just wiping the paint layer to the base with sandpaper on the corners and ledges. Many interior items in Provence style have artificial aging as decor.

Finishing materials

Ceramic tile and porcelain tile are good for flooring in the living room, the bathroom and the kitchen. In kitchen and bath room tiles can be lined and walls. It is better to choose tiles with floral ornaments, antique made or imitation of natural stone. You can opt for porcelain tile / tile Cotto of red clay. These kinds of successfully fit into the interior of Provence.

Rarely, this version of floor finish are replaced by flooring and natural rugs on top of it.

For walls more often are using painting and decorative plaster, which in its texture is well suited for the purpose. There is an option to use textile Wallpaper with a floral print upholstery or wall fabric with floral patterns.

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