Prize of national music competition will be increased

The fourth and final phase of the II National music competition, taking over the baton from the all-Union music competition, takes place in 2017. It promotes the music education among young Russians, and helps the aspiring performers to find their way to the listener.

At the moment, the promotion of musicians reaches 240’000 RUR. “I think that the next step (we discussed this on the organizing Committee of the contest) will be the decision to increase the amount of prizes,” – said Alexander Zhuravsky (Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation) at the teleconference Moscow – Saint-Petersburg – Ekaterinburg – Novosibirsk at TASS.

The initiator of the competition is the Ministry of culture and the Government of Russia. According to Mr. Zhuravsky, the victory of the winners of the contest at the international competition is “the best proof that the system of creative selection and support of young performers in Russia is operating again”.

In addition, participants of the teleconference announced some suggestions, including: encouraging teachers of winners of contests (A. Shalashov, the Moscow Philharmonic), to make the competition more informative (Kazakov, Saint-Petersburg Conservatory), to reach the students working in their regions (V. Shkarupa, the Ural Conservatory), to cooperate among the Philharmonic and winners in the future (Alexander Kolotursky, the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic).

Specialty all-Russian music competition in 2017 is “Folk instruments”. That is, awards will be nominated for conducting and performing music with traditional instruments (balalaika, bayan, accordion, domra and guitar). The contest will be held in eight cities, including the Academy of music Gnesin (Moscow). The competition results will be announced in January 2018.


All-Russian music concours, All-Russian music concours