Pope Francis shared his dream of new European Humanism

Pope Francis, who just received honor of Charles the Great in France, in his acceptance speech described his dream of «new Europaen Humanism».

The pontiff have also described components of the dream as «based on multicultural identity, opened to migrants, on socially-oriented economy, capable to give work to youth, and on education of culture in dialog».

Let’s look in explanory dictionary, because the terms resuire clarification.

Humanism – from latin Humanus, means of human – is term, appeared in XIX century to mark social thought of the era called Renaissance. In narrow sence, it means an appeal to non-schoolastic disciplines (such as rhetoric, history, theory of poesie and so on). In a broad sence, this principle puts people in the center of the world in contrast to earlier center as of God. Human, in the thought of humanists, is the biggest value.

Then let’s see multiculture identity. Multiculturalism – non-conflict co-habitation of peoples in the era of globalization if international integration in global system. Non-conclict means tolerant (from latin Tolerantia – patience, voluntary endurence of sufferings). This means, no one is oblidged to follow common principles, everyone has own principles, but all are patient to each other. So proclaims the primacy of “cultural divercity” on ethno-cultural homogenity of the states». In connection with wild influx of migrants and the difficulty of adaption them almost all Europeans talk about the collapse of the multicultural system.

And the last term, «socially-oriented market economy», also needs to be unveiled, because it’s a part of scintific concept, created by Germans and placed in the base of European Union. In brief – it’s «economy, based on private ownership, the market of perfect competition, bringing the state to its regulation; where private initiative, competition are linked with social protection of people, social justice and solidarity». The conerstone here is human and social partnership of people.

Concerning to economy, Pope explains that it’s a question of politics. At the moment in Europe eurosceptitism is spread among young people, and to make them associates of multicultural Europe, it is necessary to solve problem of their unemployment.

After considering works, we just surprised with progressive views of pontiff, having secular dreams and speaking in terms of globalism and multiculturalism. After such speach the only question remains: where is the God in this dream?

Sources: La Croix, Brief philisophic dictionary / edited by A.P. Alexeev. – Moscow, RG-Press, 2012. Sukonkina T.N. Phenomenon of multiculturalism in modern society. Sited by: Dissercat.

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