Political problem of Italy

In politics the main problem in Italy (as well as in other European countries) continues to be a huge, ever-increasing flow of refugees from Syria and other Arab countries, escaping from Islamic fanatics. Italy, because of its geographical position, has always been at the forefront in receiving of refugees. In recent years, hundreds of people crossed over the sea in the small overcrowded boats, were rescued from the water by Italian sailors from certain death (the vast majority of them cannot swim).

However, the ever-increasing flow of refugees requires new, more operational decisions of the government, which, as always, is not in a hurry to introduce new effective initiatives. For example, the more rapid establishment of refugee status: War refugee, who came from the war zone, has the right to have protection of the European governments and European documents.

“Economic” refugee should be sent back to his country. While in Germany, for example, the determination of refugee status takes 2-3 months, in Italy – 2 years.

And the local population adapts to the new reality in their own way, depending on the region. In the South (Sicily) it is decided to take the help of immigrants in agriculture (grape harvest), providing them with food and accommodation in tents for 2 euro per day. (Daily earnings can reach 30-40 euro per day).

In the North there is the opposite tendency: representatives of the radical nationalist party Lega Nord threatened to fence their region with barbed wire and pass electric current through it in order to fully protect themselves from illegal immigrants.

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