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Plastic roads will be tested in Moscow and others automotive news

Automotive market review of RC Effet

According to the Research Center Effet, on December 15 at the automobile market of Russia the following important events took place:

Avilon company opened a new Audi dealership in Moscow – AC Volgogradskiy. This auto dealership became the first of this brand in the dealer holding portfolio of brands. In 2017 AC Volgogradskiy plans to sell more than 400 Audi cars. During the press conference, general director of Avilon Andrey Pavlovich announced plans to open in late 2017 a new dealership Audi and Mercedes-Benz, which will be located in the Park of Legends (former territory of the factory ZIL). The building will be constructed in the style of late constructivism and will represent the artistic value.

Company Kia Motors Rus pleased fans of its cars by new version of its best-selling Kia Rio – Premium Navi. This complectation is based on the limited edition Premium 500 and supplemented by modern navigation system and the function of integration with the smartphone. It should be noted that this is the most expensive version of this model. The car price amounts to 931’900 rubles in the sedan and hatchback bodies.

Another company representing on the Russian market premium segment of cars, also decided to support the sale of its new product by release of special complectation. Jaguar Land Rover Russia announced a new version of its most anticipated SUV of 2016 – Discovery of the fifth generation. Based on the SE version complectation supplemented with an optimal set of options necessary for the modern active family. The price of this car – 4’857’700 rubles. However, it is worth recalling that the fifth generation of Discovery is very fresh new product – the prices were announced just last week, and the first cars will appear in dealerships only by the middle of May 2017.

Interesting news came from “Center of expertise, research and testing in the construction” of Moscow city. They want to experience the city roads created from plastic. This road is already constructed in Holland. Experts reacted positively to the news – observing all of technologies such roads can be a good alternative to the asphalt track.

Research center “Effet”, M24