Pavel Ryzhenko

Павел Рыженко

Russian artist Pavel Ryzhenko was born in officer family in 1970 and died at 44 years in 2014. He finished art school at the Institute named after Surikov, was in the army, then studied under I. Glazunov in The Russian Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture. After 1997 he worked as professor of The Russian Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture.

He painted in style of Russian classical realism, in historical and military genre. P.Ryzhenko created a lot of large-scale paintings, dedicated to Russian history as follows: Battle of Kulikovo, Sergius of Radonezh, World War I, the era of Nicholas II.

He was recognized and demand in life, in 2012 he was rated as Honoured artist of the Russian Federation. By his own words, he tried to be beneficial to Russian people, to wake his genetic memory.

According to the memoirs of artist and friend Ivan Glazunov, the manner of work of Ryzhenko was soonest « energy burst » of earlier born in the soul and meaning-bearing material.

Shortly before his death Pavel Ryzhenko gifted all of his paintings to Russia (kept in Kaluga region,in house-museum of N. Goncharova – Poushkin’e widow).

Ryzhenko left widow Anastasia and son Tihon. Following material was used in article: Golos Epokhi , Pravoclavie i mir, Russkiy Obozrevatel

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