Paisios of Mount Athos is officially sainted

Official statement of Holy and Sacred Synod of Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople sacring Paisios of Mount Athos in Orthodox Church was published on January 13, 2015. The decision was carried unanimously by the Holy and Sacred Synod presided over by Patriarch Bartholomeos upon conclusions of the report of the Commission on canonization of saints.

Name of Paisios of Mount Athos will enter the Church calendar on July 12. Service in honor of the newly- glorified saints is created by famous greek anthem writer — metropolitan Ioil Fragkakos (of Edessa, Pella and Almopias).

Paisios of Mount Athos (or Παΐσιος Αγιορείτης), born as Arsenios Eznepidis (Αρσένιος Εζνεπίδης) in Cappadocia (Καππαδοκία on the territory of modern Turkey) in 1924. Greek by nationality, he grew up in Greece. He received the profession of a carpenter, during the World War II he fought as a radio operator.

In 1950 Paisios became a monk, came to Holy Mount Athos, also lived in monastery Stomion and Holy Mount Sinai (modern Egypt). Grand Old Monk, who gave spiritual care to thousands of people, and shemonah (or monk of rigid austerity) of XX century. He passed away to the God in 1994, buried in nunnery of The Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the theologian he founded in settlement Soroti in Greece (on the way from Thessaloniki to Holy Mount Athos).

Paisios wrote a number of spiritual books: «Words», «Athonite elder Hadji-Georgios», «Fathers of Holy mount Athos and stories of Holy mount Athos», «Arsenius of Cappadocia » and others. 13/01/2015, Upon following sources: Romfea.gr Pravoslavie.ru Agionoros Predanie.ru Sedmitza.ru