Media review

Overview of the French media 26.10.14

In France, the discussion of the budget produced a political storm. In particular, a moderate politician F. Bayrou called for the dissolution of the National Assembly of France.

On October 26, 2014 politician of the centrist françois Bayrou (François Bayrou, who heads the party of Democratic movement, short Modem (Mouvement démocrate) has called for the dissolution of Parliament as President Hollande has no other choice. “When a majority in Parliament abstains when voting, that means it opposes,” said F. Bayrou. According to the politician, President of France Francois Hollande, having a majority in Parliament and weak support among the people, is in a desperate situation. And yet, not Bayrou called on the President to leave. // Paris// 26/10/2014, Source: Le Monde

European Central bank (La Banque centrale européenne, BCE) undertook an analysis of banks on the subject of ability to withstand a financial shock. French banks as a whole successfully passed the test.

A total of 25 Euro area banks out of 130 failed the test and have the capital requirement of 25 billion euros. Among the beneficiaries of banks financial-credit institution of the Frankfurt Mortgage Bank of Munich (Münchener Hypothekenbank) and cash refinancing housing. The study aims to foster consumer confidence in the banking sector to assess risks and identify problems, and, as a result, to facilitate lending and thereby support the economic development of Europe. / Paris// 26/10/2014, Source: Liberation , Le Figaro

At the same time, in France democracy sometimes wins. In particular, it was freed 66-year-old Alain Payola (French trade Union and political activist), held accountable for the two illegal actions of solidarity with Palestine in July 2013. He faced up to 6 months imprisonment and 7’500 Euro fine.

In June of the same year he was convicted for participating in a rally in support of the Algerian Communist Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, languishing 30 years in prison, and was fined with a delay in the amount of 1’500 euros. A. Pohjola did not feel triumph because, according to him, he would never admit what people say on the streets. “I shouldn’t have been here today, he said, it shows the ferocity of the government against those who raises his head”. // Париж // 23/10/2014, Источник: L’Humanite

A significant place in the press of France is the parliamentary elections in Ukraine held on 26 October 2014. The French assume that the Yanukovych era is over and the country can expect changes, especially in terms of euro orientationAccording to the newspaper the Cross (La Croix), in the revolution of military journalists (S. Leshchenko, and T. Chornovol etc) and fighting volunteers have a good chance to be elected to Parliament. The publication cites the opinion of V. Ermolenko that such people will become a screen in the usual political games professionals. Interviewee Julia Sukan (assistant Professor, University of Paris-Ouest Nanterre) believes that due to the retirement of the party of regions majority in the Parliament will receive the party’s Pro-European orientation. Yet, according to polls, ahead of the block of P. Poroshenko. On land warfare elections will not be..< // Paris// 24/10/2014, Source: La Croix

From cultural events a special place is the re-opening of Museum Picasso.

On 25 Oct 2014 in France, after 5 years of renovations, was opened the Museum of Pablo Picasso located in Paris, the Marais (Marais). At the opening ceremony presented President of France Francois Hollande, the artist’s daughter, Maya Picasso. the Museum’s Collection, having now 5’000 works, which were added to the family members in 1979 and 1990. The total area of the Museum is 5’000 sq. m. exhibition 3’600 sq. m. the Cost of the upgrade amounted to 43 million euros. Most of the funds were raised by the Museum, which recently organized the 21st international exhibition. // Paris// 25/10/2014, Source: La Croix