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Overview of the French media 02.12.14

The political life of France is currently alive. There is a new whiff associated with recognition of a Palestinian state, which will soon consider the French Parliament, the General Assembly. The head of a large political party, Union for a popular movement (Union pour un mouvement populaire or UMP) re-elected former President Nicolas Sarkozy of France that gives its prospects and course a new direction. In addition, France has another reform of school education.

Palestine is one of the oldest populated and famous land, located on the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean sea between Egypt and Syria. The name, derived from the ancient people “Philistines”, combines the familiar of the Scriptures, Canaan, Galilee, Samaria, Israel and Judah. For Jews it is the Promised Land. In the Explanatory dictionary by V. I. dal, we find the meaning of the word “Palestine” for the Russian “Motherland, Motherland, native home place.” For a long time, with the return of the Jews and strengthening the Jewish state of Israel, it lasts the struggle for the status of the Arab population of Palestine. In the course of this struggle to redraw the boundaries, built up by Jews and under international pressure, they released the territory of the Palestinians, and the Arab section in its current form recognised internationally, a small number of States.

So, France can become one more country to recognize Palestinian state if today, December 02, 2014, demanding the government to recognize a vote by the Assembly. France can join the European movement with the prospect of making proposals on the recognition to vote in the European Parliament. In early October 2014, the Parliament of the United Kingdom expressed the wish to the government on the recognition of Palestine. At the end of October it was recognized as Sweden. Thus is accomplished the recognition of “territory” (i.e., States that do not have clear boundaries), its people and government. An overview of this process is done on the pages of Le Monde Romain Geoffroy. // Paris// 02/12/2014, Source: Le Monde

Mélinée Le Priol, a correspondent for La Croix, writes that the Palestinians themselves are skeptical about this process, not expecting it to change their lives and stop Israel. // Paris// 02/12/2014, Source: La Croix

According to Eugénie Bastié from Le Figaro in spite of the symbolic nature of the resolution about recognition of a Palestinian state, she may have weight for the resumption of the negotiation process. // Paris// 02/12/2014, Source: Le Figaro

As for Nicolas Sarkozy, his party, according to the newspaper Le Monde, after his departure from the presidency on “may 6, 2012, is in a state of political, moral and financial collapse. Exhausted with the struggle for the head, unable to quickly reach constructive opposition, left allies – the party of centrists, tainted “Pygmalion thing” in the face of competition of the National Front (Front national), a large part of the party is reminiscent of the field of ruins, despite his success at the spring municipal elections and senatorial autumn. For the restoration to the presidential elections of 2017 batch is 30 months.”

Рthe newspaper believes, however, that the election of N. Sarkozy, the President may, if he can settle 4 the moment:

1) leadership,

2) the creation of a new platform of the party uniting right-wing and centrist,

3) преодоление интеллектуального кризиса, связанного с анализом положения страны и её чаяний,

4) the formation of an Alliance strategy is extremely right-wing and centrist, which in its current form is questionable. // Paris// 02/12/2014, Source: Le Monde

Sarkozy started the intra-party consolidation. On 02 Dec 2014 meeting N. Sarkozy with his political opponent françois Fillon, which will be the Alliance in favor of intra-party settlement. // Paris// 02/12/2014, Source: Le Figaro

He also proposed to establish in the party the Council as the Committee of former Prime Ministers, or, in the apt expression of one of potential participants of the Committee Alain Juppé, “naphthalene Committee. The latter expressed a desire to participate in effective body, and not the nominal.

// Paris// 02/12/2014, Source: La Liberation

As for Russia, the interest of the French brought by decision of the Russian authorities about the abandonment of the project of gas pipeline under the Black sea to Bulgaria, “South Stream”. // Paris// 02/12/2014, Source: Le Monde