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Overview of French media on November 18, 2015

Обзор СМИ Франции за 18 ноября 2015 года

Most of media is focused on act of terrorism, which took place on November 13, 2015 in Paris and Saint-Deny. 129 people died there and 300 were injured. Today French police took by storm place of suspects’ location. Upon the results of the raid, a woman and a man were fired, 7 people are interviewed by the police. Low and order securities will be provided by army, but, with limited special power.

According to the publications, the attacks were organized by the Belgians of Arab descent, known for his misanthropic views. Journalists educate their readers about modern radical Islam, on the phenomenon of the kamikaze and politicians’ declarations in connection with the incident.

The people of France is scared, and this fear is magnified by current events: Air France received reports of bomb planted in her two trips. Ambulance received drugs to help against chemical weapons.

According to surveys, at the moment 84% of french people are ready to pay freedom for security. Moreover, dwellers and villagers are single here, as well as “right” and “left”. At the same time, 62% of French people are against the reception of immigrants.

59% of French people support the recent statements of the President F. Hollande and the Prime Minister M. Valle, and 85% approve intervention in Syria. Holland declared all-European war to Islam state and demanded to amend the constitution. Besides the existing States of war and peace, the country is invited to enter the state of emergency terrorist situation and the special gendarmerie. Emergency state will last 3 months.

At the moment each French citizen plays 27 euro for war with terrorism. Preliminary, measures to strengthen safety would cost the population of “several hundred million euros».

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