Media review

Overview of French media on March 15, 2016

It is uneast=y in France. The media is tradicionnally covering the events in France and significant for France, but today it is focuses on the terrorist threat in the country, the reform of the labour code and ongoing conference of priests.

Labour law reform

In mid-February 2016 France began to discuss reforms to the current labour code, proposed by labour minister Myriam El Khomri and named «law-in-draft El Khomri». In essence he suggested 3 things: change in the 35-hour working week, referendum and conciliation commission reform. By sentence is a philosophy, promoted by the government.

At the present time, under the pressure of trade unions, was considered for second reading of the bill. Previous legislation will remain the most important for unions things: payment terms of penalties, the work time students, the maximum duration of the week, time for dressing up, regulation of part-time employment. And yet, much is criticized.

The law-in-draft gives opportunities of daily work for 12 hours. And, instead of so politically important to the French system of 35 hour weeks, it is proposed to retain this indicator as the average annual benchmark.

Referendums… against unions become a reality step by step. If at the moment 30% presence of members of the Trade Union allows its decision to be accepted, but also revised at 50% disagreement, it is now proposed to carry out referendum upon 30% disagreement, despite the agreement of the majority. It can make difficult decision-making in organizations.

In addition, there are attempts to legally limit the size of benefits during layoffs.

The essential point of the discussion of labor laws were the laws about layoffs, because the unions fear that they will take advantage of global companies to justify layoffs by economic situation. This will be discussed applications of justification between the group and specific company cases.

It is expected that in one form or another the law will be adopted until the summer of 2016. Dissenting organisations call for strike on March 17, 24 and 31.

The Assembly of priests

Meeting of priests is held on March 15, 2016 in the city of Lourdes in France. At the meeting the so-called “pedophilia” or the abuse of children in the Church was discussed . The Cardinal Barbarin already in his welcome speech outlined this issue and said that gets a lot of complaints about the concealment of sexual crimes against minors. He drew attention to the victims crying out for justice.

Another challenge was the persecution and murder of 120 priests in Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, etc.

In addition, Mgr. Georges Pontier, President of the Assembly of the priests, called for kindness to the migrants.

Terroristic threat

A joint force of France and Belgium killed in Brussels a dangerous bandit, one of the two ringleaders of the gang who committed the murder of 130 French on November 13, 2015. 4 policemen were injured during the raid. The gang, according to police, was governed from Brussels and consisted of 11 jihadists, killing infidels because of fanaticism.

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