Opened competition for the position of Director of the Russian venture company started

Минэкономразвития России принимает заявки на должность Генерального директора ОАО «Российская венчурная компания»

The Ministry of economic development jointly with the Agency for strategic initiatives until August 15, 2016 is accepting applications for the position of General Director of JSC “Russian venture company” (RVC, details on the site The founder of the company is Russian Ministry of economic development.

Venture (from the English where venture – undertaking risky) company activity generates investment capital for financing projects with high risk. “Russian venture company was created to organize the state of venture capital investment and high tech support (aka innovative) sector.

At a press conference in TASS on 14 July 2016, Oleg Fomichev – State-Secretary – Deputy Minister of economic development and concurrently Chairman of the Board of Directors of RVC said that the new CEO’s task is to manage a development strategy in the changed circumstances. Today the usual venture capital markets (Europe and USA) are actually frozen because of the uncertainty of the situation in the country.

Under the new development strategy of RVC, new General Director will work in 4 directions:

  1. Development of National technological initiatives;
  2. The creation of the joint innovation venture Fund centered in SKOLKOVO;
  3. The development of the eco-system of venture capital companies (with a core in SKOLKOVO, a network of venture capital funds around scientific centers of Russia);
  4. The establishment of a system of investing the technological development of the country.

Dmitry Peskov (Director of “Young professionals” strategic initiatives Agency and the Chairman of the strategy Committee of RVC) said that in the form of General Director “competition of is not individuals, but teams” is carried out. He explained that the logic of classes and jobs is to “solve maximum problemsusing the minimum of resources”. “Offer and show competence,” urged Dmitry Peskov.

Selection for the position will be provided by 20-30 experts consumers RVC (Board of Directors, state representatives, venture capital funds).

The market Council is an Advisory committee, “providing feedback from the market – the players, enclosing the maximum volume of transactions, as well as global players.

The “strong teams” can be employed in any of the occupations of the position taken in the winner team or other projects.

Open competitions are held since 2012. At the moment, more than 10 selections in different authorities (for example, the Agency for technological development) were held. Average competition – more than 90 people in place.

The key factors that will allow you to take the position of General director of RVC:

  1. The new Director-General needs to have trust of the market;
  2. He should have experience of global negotiations;
  3. CEO should meet key qualification requirements (knowledge, TOP-level, broad technological expertise etc)