Online trading is gradually coming to the car market in Russia and other automotive news

According to the Research Center Effet, on December 16 at the automobile market of Russia the following important and interesting events took place:

Online trading is gradually coming into the automotive business. Following the automobile holdings Favorit Motors, Maximum and Avilon, Rolf was connected to this process. From December 15, 2016 the company began to take online prepayment for the purchase of the machine. Customers can book one or more vehicles for up to two days. The prepayment amount is 25’000 rubles per one car. However, the buyer still have to visit the dealership to finalize the purchase. If the customer refuses to buy, prepayment is returned in full.

In January-November 2016 1’024’000 cars were produced in Russia, which is 8.9% less than the same period in 2015. Not the last role in this decrease played a situation on the automotive market. Car sales have fallen almost continuously since March 2013. But lately the production of cars began to grow in Russia – so following the November, 2016 results the volume of passenger cars increased by 8.1% compared to October 2016 and by 12% compared to November 2015. November also pleased and sellers of cars – the market showed a slight increase in 0.6% by November 2015.

The Russian government is trying to support car manufacturers in every possible way. For this purpose from the budget an additional 5.3 billion rubles were allocated, which will focus on a program of fleet renewal of wheeled vehicles (recycling program). Thus, only in 2016 28.8 billion rubles will be spent for this program. The government is expecting that this fact would provide an additional release of 380’000 vehicles in 2016, which is 60’000 more than previously planned.

Research Center Effet