On March 19, 2015 in Moscow will be held evening Overwhelming morality of Russian culture

19 марта 2015 года состоится вечер Необоримая нравственность русской культуры

On Thursday, on March 19, 2015 in Moscow will be held the next evening « Overwhelming morality of Russian culture » from series « Homecoming ». The evening starts at 18:30 p.m. Place of evening – White Hall of Cinema Home (Union of cinematographers of Russia, Mayakovskaya metro station).

In the evening’s program – film (cinema-epigraph), performance of the ensemble Sirin, meeting with Cand.Phil.Sci. A.P.Kozyrev, film expert A.G.Semenchuk, deputy of head of History television channel V.G.Savichev and cultural historian B.M.Konukhov. The author of the series – great Russian contralto Lina Mkrtchan. Her magnificent voice, singing vocal masterpieces of Russian and World musik are available here , when press the picture.

The philanthropic spiritual- educational series of evening about Russian culture was meant for its cultural achievements memory and demonstration of its modern heroes, that make up the spiritual essence of the nation. The spiritual core of the evening is the Martyr and passion bearer tsar Nikolai with Royal family.

The object of the author is contribution to the transformation of people in the native Orthodox faith, return to «Heavenly Fatherland». Source: Homecoming , Narodsobor.ru