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On July 08, 2016 – the author’s concert of Vladimir Zaviktorin

08 июля 2016 года – авторский концерт Владимира Завикторина

On July 08, 2016 in the theatre of Commonwealth of Taganka actors will take place the concert of Vladimir Zaviktorin. Admission is free. Lovers of poetry and bard songs receive from it huge pleasure, because the concert is expected to and both.

About the author. Vladimir Zaviktorin was born in 1964 in Moscow. In 1999 he graduated from the Theater school. Schepkin, works in the Theater “Commonwealth Taganka actors”. Acted in feature films. Member of the Union of writers of Russia and corresponding member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and arts.

Before the next recital, we recorded a conversation with Vladimir about his work and upcoming night to those who don’t know the actor, poet and musician, could say about it.

E-Vesti: You’re an actor, poet, writer, corresponding member of the Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and Arts… How do You manage to combine it all in one person?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: God gave the talent, means it is necessary to somehow combine these things. You this with you and ask. I rehearse in the theater, in the movies, write poems, dramatic poems, tales, perform a concert – here, 08 July 2016 I will have another concert here, on the Small Stage of our Theatre.

E-Vesti: It is timed for Valentine’s Day? Saints Peter and Fevronia.

Vladimir Zaviktorin: It is dedicated to Day of Family, Love and Fidelity.

E-Vesti: Why this holiday is timed to your concert? It will be full of love songs?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: In our theatre concerts are put under significant date: On May 09, or July 08. At the concert, of course, takes account of the subject. If the concert was held on may 09, it would have sounded a lot of songs about the war. There will be more love lyrics.

E-Vesti: Today You participated in the “Four toasts for victory” by N.N. Gubenko. You are in tune with this military issues in the form in which it was presented?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: The military theme is close to me, because I was the military journalist in Chechnya. Love lyrics frontline – after the death of the poets (e.g., Kogan, klyuchitsky, Gudzenko from the Literary Institute), which went to the front and never returned – I pulled out a huge layer of Russian poetry.

And how can it be not compatible? My grandfather fought. Two of them came back, one died. This is a sensitive topic. It should be remembered, and cherished.

E-Vesti: About it is nowpopular to remember, but everyone remembers differently. Someone cares about the Germans more, and someone shows pieces of flying legs, ears and heads and says that this is what should be remembered. On that spiritual level at which the topic was shown in the play, the spiritual experience and understanding is very few people does.

Vladimir Zaviktorin: Unfortunately, it is a plague on our society. Over the last 30 years it was washed out. Just now little things are starting to return to normal. Because when you build an Empire – to create good literature, Russian theater. A time to cast away stones a time to gather stones. Now we again collected the stones. Difficult, painful, blood and lies, using slander, but collect stones.

E-Vesti: When You were a war correspondent in Chechnya, You had a chance to see, experience?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: I’ve seen one attack.

E-Vesti: In addition to the military theme You got another lyrical theme of love. In what manner this topic will be covered on Your upcoming concert?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: There will be songs, poems dedicated to this wonderful feeling of love. And not only the woman but also to the Motherland, to nature.

E-Vesti: What genre are You referring to the musical part of the program?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: I perform in various genres. I have both rock ballads, and lyric songs, elegies.

E-Vesti: What inspires Your creativity?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: Beautiful women, beautiful women and once again beautiful women. What is a woman? This image of the homeland, the image of the mother. Here, therefore, comes the love for the Motherland, to native land, to nature, to good people, friends.

E-Vesti: What sort of music do You listen to?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: I love Mozart, Tchaikovsky. Among the artists I prefer Vysotsky, Rosenbaum.

E-Vesti: Classical vocal music does not appeal to You? Chaliapin, Lemeshev, Kozlovsky?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: Chaliapin – Yes, tenors I don’t really like.

E-Vesti: Modern Russian theatre. What makes N. N. Gubenko is to preserve the moral traditions of Russian theatre. But what I see in other theatres…

Vladimir Zaviktorin: In the first part I definitely agree. But there is a “School of dramatic art” Vasiliev theater “Masterskaya P. Fomenko”. Of course, people try to Express themselves, not always successfully, but I think it is not necessary to put it at the head of the corner.

E-Vesti: The public wants simple things, something domestic, “jokes”, or it may have the desire to draw culture and spirituality?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: It seems to me that the public wants either to weep or to laugh.

E-Vesti: This can be done in different ways. The audience responds more to the “joke”, or the production of serious issues?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: Sometimes the audience is behind the “joke”, but if the “joke” are serious things, they go out and start to think. Then it’s a good show. But if he laughed it was all over…

E-Vesti: That is, You see in the audience a thinking partner?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: I treat the audience as a partner. It gives me a lot. And I’m trying to give everything I know and can do. If it is honest, then the audience responds with emotional openness.

E-Vesti: What are you reading?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: I love Dostoyevsky, I love Chekhov, Yesenin. If we’re talking about Tolstoy, he is not close to me. I understand that he is a great master, he has a great language, but Dostoevsky is closer to me. I Love Shakespeare, Dante.

E-Vesti: Before Your concert I ask the last question: who do You think will get the maximum pleasure from it? How would You describe the audience and its audience?

Vladimir Zaviktorin: I think that anyone who comes to the concert will enjoy it. And he learns that there is an author and performer – Vladimir Zaviktorin. Like it or not like it – it is a private matter. I’m waiting for any audience, I’m glad everything.