On April 26, 2016 we remember 30th anniversary of Chernobyl atomic power plant

26 апреля 2016 года исполнилось 30 лет со дня взрыва на Чернобыльской АЭС

Chernobyl is a place in Kiev region of Ukraine, where 30 years ago happened grave accident. Damage of 4th block in atomic power plant claimed the lives of 28 people and poisoned with radiation close regions of Ukraine and Belorussia. 2’600 square meters around the plant stretches zone of «astrangement», the most dangerous are 30 km nearby the reactor, where people will not be able to live during 20’000 years.

1986 was marked with rule of M.S. Gorbachev and his famous crash «perestroyka». A lot of people have been told of political meaning of the event. Officially, the reason was human factor.

Today on the place of the power plant there is construction area, where about 7’000 specialists dismantle the building. Soon after accident, it was covered with «cement sarcophagus», which will be replaced in 2017 by new one at cost of $2’000’000.

Starting from 2011 the area is opened for tourists. In 2015 it was visited by 17’000 people.

How much paid Ukrainians, Belorussians and Russians, we can just estimate. Among Ukrainians there were about 5’000 cases of children’s thyroid cancer, among 600’000 emergency wreckers about 4’000 might have died according to WOS. Dosier of 2006 dedicated to Chernobyl counted 60’000 death from cancer. Ukrainian children are recommended to control level of cesium.

Example of Chernobyl horrifyed many people, but the time passes. Survey, held by sociologists among the Russians, showed that 73% of respondents are sure of modern power plant safety. 64% believes the repeat of the accident is unlikely.

Source: Golos Ameriki, Le Monde, Interfax, Le Monde.