Old dancing on plein air

Ансамбль «L’esprit du vent» (фр. «Дух ветра»)

On June 30, 2016 at Summer stage of the Russian Central Museum, musical group “L’esprit du vent” (FR. “Spirit of wind”) was played by the works of the German composer of the Baroque era G. F. Telemann (Georg Philipp Telemann). Popular for his time (he lived in 1681-1767 yy) secular composer and conductor, a contemporary of G. F. Handel and J. S. Bach, he also founded the music magazine promoted the popularization of music.

The programme included Suites of the composer: “Hunt”, “Fortuna”, “Pleasure” and “Joy”. Suite were created originally for performance in the open air, they represent a series of short dances, united by a common theme. The proposed format of performance in the open air assumes free movement of the audience between the pieces, creating a relaxed atmosphere of camping.

The band consists of Philip Nadela (Baroque oboe), Pavel Bogdanov (Baroque oboe), Fyodor Yarovoy (natural horn), Michael Shilenkova (natural horn). Musicians are using old instruments (and, incidentally, more complex to implement) and recreate the historical authenticity of the sound.

We offer to Your attention the comments of band’s maker Philip Nodel given for the magazine E-Vesti before the concert. This clarifying the author’s intent of play.