Energy industry

Oil 2015

A number of pessimistic forecasts of Russia 2015 was replenished with probably the darkest views on future of oil in 2015.

Head of one of the biggest Russian oil companies Lukoil V.Alekperov, keeping in mind the latest declarations of OPEC and Saudi Arabia, forecasts price $25 a barrel in 2015. Source: ITAR-TASS

Bank of America Merrill Lynch estimates, that by late March 2015 Brent oil prices will go down to $31 a barrel, while average year price will count $52 in 2015. Sources: Rbc, ITAR-TASS

The above forecasts and reality of oil price drop called for resolution of the world biggest oil company Schlumberger to hire 9’000 employees globally. Source: Le Monde

In the meantime Russian government plans to promote oil export, because it is going to decrease in February 2015 export duty for oil by $57.3 per ton (-34% against $170.2 in January 2014). Source: Ministry of Finance

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