Review of French media on 15.10.2014

France is discussing the budget for next year. He will show how the government performs these election promises. In addition, the budget of the country will soon be considered by the European Commission. // Paris// 15/10/2014, Source: La Croix

Also, France experienced a number of personnel changes in key areas:

The new head of French Electricity will be Jean-Bernard levy, who heads a large international conglomerate Thales. // Paris// 04/10/2014, Source: Le Monde , Le Figaro, Liberation

Changes in the leadership of GDF Suez are expected: the head of administration and number 2 on the Board of the group was Isabelle Kocher, succeeding in this Jean-François Cirelli. // Paris// 15/10/2014, Source: Le Figaro

Expansion of the us-led coalition against the Islamic state is widened: Russia to provide information support to the us-led coalition against the Islamic State. // Paris// 15/10/2014, Source: Le Monde

France boasts an economist-a Nobel prize laureate and expects to use his talents in France. French economist Jean Tyrol was awarded the Nobel peace prize for achievements in the field of Economics. // Paris// 15/10/2014, Source: La Croix

Meanwhile, in the political life of France, where there has been a shift of electoral preferences to the right, discussed the initiative, marine Le Pen about changing the name of the right-wing national front. Opposition to a possible name especially the father of the initiator and founder of the party Jean-Marie Le pen, who in this respect said: “We are not a brand of cognac or whiskey.” // Paris// 15/10/2014, Source: Le Figaro

At the same time, according to the publication of the newspaper Liberation, at the other extreme of the political life at the request of the International League against racism and antisemitism (Ligue Internationale Contre le Racisme et l Antisémitisme, LICRA) found that the French are more much the spiritual heirs of the French revolution than ethnic communities. Only 17% of French people have developed a feeling of belonging to a social group, given their ethnic origin. The religious feelings do not have a decisive influence on the identity of the respondents (mentioned by just 13%). A total of 22% of the French consider themselves communities. 92% of respondents support the slogan “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” and 91% believe that the secular principle in the Foundation of the state is good. // Paris// 15/10/2014, Source: Liberation

The Communists of France from l’humanité (L ‘ Humanite) commented on the recently published credit Suisse (Credit suisse) review of the Global wealth, where the change of household welfare. Globally, it increased by 8.3% to $263’000 billion At the same time, half the world’s population collectively owns less than 1% of global wealth, while the 10% wealthiest have a share of 87%. 128’000 people in the world belong to the higher class owning over $50 million. // Paris// 15/10/2014, Source: L’Humanite

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