Nikita Mikhalkov headed Theatre

Nikita Mikhalkov, Alexander Kibovsky, Theatre of cinema actors

A new milestone in creative career of N.S. Mikhalkov was set on February 20, 2017 – he became the Art director of Theatre of film actors. Meanwhile, it is not his first experience in theater – in 2012, Mikhalkov founded the Academy of cinematographic and theatre arts, whose graduate performances attract great interest.

Nikita Mikhalkov is the famous Russian film director, the author of 29 films. The actor, starring in 45 films, the author of 27 scenarios and producer of 14 films. It is also known as a teacher, TV presenter, blogger, singer, vineyard owner, timber merchant, and more. His professional and public services were marked by numerous Russian and international awards and regalia.

Before appointment to leadership position of the theater, Nikita collaborated with it on various projects, including the performance for children “Visiting Uncle Stepa” in June 2016. In addition, his Academy is located in the theater, whose master classes attended by more than a hundred people from nearly three dozen countries. The State Theatre of film actors associated with the cinema not in name only. It was originally designed as a place of work of Soviet screen actors in between filming. Such masters as Sergei Gerasimov and Mikhail Romm worked here.

Handing the order of appointment, Alexander Kibovsky said, – “We all know Nikita Mikhalkov as a remarkable artist, a great director, but today we see how the Master is self-fulfilling on the stage of theatre.”

Alexander Kibovsky – Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of Moscow Department of Culture, chairman of the Moscow branch of the Russian military-historical society. He has extensive experience in the field of preservation of cultural heritage and copyright protection at both the regional and federal levels.

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