Россия будет сотрудничать с американской коалицией против Исламского Государства Russia
Russia will collaborate with America against Islam state
According to Le Monde, on October 14, 2014 Russia (head of diplomace S. Lavrov) and USA (G. Kerry) agreed on information exchange on Islam state. Interests of the countries coincide here, about 500 Russian
Marine Le Pen wants to rename the National Front
Marine Le Pen has announced her intention to rename French party National Front (Le Front national, FN), founded in 1972, at its near the November Congress. The goal of the initiator in this is to clean up the party’
Французы протестуют против анти семейной политики государства World
The French are protesting against the anti family policy
05 Oct 2014, the French again came to universal manifestation Manif pour tous, which stretches from Paris to Bordeaux. This is another attempt to counter the triad anti-family initiatives of the government