Green chemistry leads to company's wealth World
Green chemistry leads to company’s wealth
Chemical company Amgen, issuing biotechnological cure, including 6 items supplying to Russia, published article at Nature magazine sharing its successful experience in implementing «Green chemistry» principles.
Экономика Китая вырастет в 2016 году, несмотря на трудности World
China’s economy will grow in 2016, despite the difficulties
Vice President of China Zhang Gaoli at the forum in Beijing announced that, despite difficulties, China’s economy will achieve growth in 2016. His words are quoted by Agency Reuters.
Упрощены разводы во Франции World
Divorce in France are supmlified
French “La Croix” published article of Guillaume Goubert named «Divorce, the victory of individualism». Perhaps, it is difficult to express the change in French law on divorce better.
Pope Francis shared his dream of new European Humanism
Pope Francis, who just received honor of Charles the Great in France, in his acceptance speech described his dream of «new Europaen Humanism». The pontiff have also described components of the dream as
Прогноз развития мировой экономики на 2016 год. World
Global ecomony outlook 2016
International Monetary fund, United Nations and The World bank note, that growth of world economy 2015 was low – 2.4%. IMF predicts in 2016 small global growth at 3.2%. Restoration of the economy growth
Кризис в Казахстане World
Crisis in Kazakhstan
Fall of oil prices, the declining Russian economy and the slowdown of China’s economy – trade partners of Kazakhstan, deteriorated economy of the country. The World bank expects growth of Kazakhstan economy at 0.
1 из 10 французов задумывался о религиозной жизни World
1 from 10 french people thought of religeous way
According to double survey, held by OpinionWay for religeous conference in France (Corref), 10% of French people thought about monasticism as calling, ie were going to become a monk.
Political problem of Italy
In politics the main problem in Italy (as well as in other European countries) continues to be a huge, ever-increasing flow of refugees from Syria and other Arab countries, escaping from Islamic fanatics.
Экономика Италии сегодня World
Economy of Italy
According to well-known Italian economists, the reform by which the government tried to correct the deteriorating economic situation, have not brought the expected results, since in most cases they were
Islam act of terrorism in France
French media inform of the operation to apprehend two suspects in act of terrorism on January 07, 2015. Magnitude of the operation for capturing two bandits with hostage, armed with Kalashnokows and pyrotechnics
Congress of French nationalists is in the process
French media write that on 29-30 November 2014 will be held the XV Congress of Le Front National or FN, which is a successful party of French nationalists. The Congress itself will take place without a
Французы против семейной политики правительства World
The French against the family policy of the government
81% of French people do not approve of the fiscal policy of the state, according to the survey of the new organization for the protection of the family Robbed families (Les Familles plumées).
Папа римский разоблачил лобби и спекуляцию на питании World
The Pope denounced the lobby and speculation on food
Pope Francois (François), in his speech on 20 November 2014 at the conference the Food and agriculture Commission of the United Nations, concerned about “speculation” on the diet, blocking hunger.
В 2012 году гражданство стран Евросоюза получили 820'000 человек World
In 2012 citizenship of EU received 820’000 people
According to Eurostat, 820’000 received citizenship of 28 EU countries in 2012 (+4% comparing to 2011). Average age of new EU citizens – 31.4 years, while average age of EU citizen is 41.
Англиканская церковь официально рукополагать женщин World
English church will impose women
The English Queen signed the official decree of October 24, 2014, after signatures of both houses of the British Parliament, for permission to ordain women. The Synod of the Church of England gathered