Oil processing Natural science
In Novosibirsk learned to clear the ground from oil products
Russian scientists from Institute of chemichal technologies (part of recently renamed pivotal Siberian state University of science and technology, after M. F. Reshetnev) learned quickly to detoxify soil
Natural science
Individual diet will help the treatment of cancer
Treatment of cancer, which is the second by quantity cause of population mortality today, is researching by scientists from all over the world. Russian scientists make a major contribution to the successful
Natural science
MSU “Noah’s ark” in 2018 will collect a million plants
In Moscow State University (MSU Lomonosov) in the framework of the project “Noah’s ark” was earned Russia’s largest digital herbarium with about 800 thousand samples.
Dmitry Mendeleev didn't invented vodka Natural science
Dmitri Mendeleev and his solution – not vodka
On 31 January 2017, according to legend, it is the 152 year since the moment when the great Russian scientist-encyclopedist Dmitri Mendeleev invented vodka. The reason for this is on that date Professor of St.
Evgeny Shurygin. Ethiopic specialist. Ohoto: press-service St.-Petersburg University Natural science
«Voices of Africa» will give grants to humanities in memory of the deceased africanist
According to press service of the St. Petersburg University (SPbSU), St. Petersburg holds a «Voices of Africa» competition among young researchers wishing to explore African country (South and Central
New mushroom found in Tver in 2015 Natural science
Russian scientists went along the Tver forest, and found one more new mushroom
In the opinion of the layman, the scientists of the XXI century know everything about the nature. So, it would seem that many mushroom hunters in our woods know every inch of the forest.
Diamond crystallites elaborated in MSU. Photo: prof. Obraztsov A.N.Diamond crystallites elaborated in MSU Natural science
Diamond films can become the basis of filiform and needle form diamond crystallites
A group of physicists from Moscow State University (MSU Lomonosov) under the guidance of Professor Alexander N. Obraztsov, who worked with the support of Russian scientific Foundation, found a way to obtain
Karina Karenina and Andrey Giljov. Photo by Karina Karenina and Andrey Giljov Natural science
All mammals tend to take care through the left eye
The results of a study of 175 pairs of mammals conducted by scientists of Saint-Petersburg University (SPBU) with the support of Russian Scientific Foundation, confirmed that all mammals (kangaroo, whales
Tetraneutron. Photo: A. Shirokov Natural science
Particle of four neutrons exists, but a short time
Scientists of the Moscow State University (MSU of M. Lomonosov) in the international team with German and American scientists proved the existence of tetraneutron (the particles of the four neutron) during 5×10-22 sec.
Micromorphology bacterial strain Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis under the light microscope (magnification of 1000 times). Image of Lidia Stoyanova Natural science
Milk of Buryat cows can help in the treatment of nosocomial infections after transplantation
The scientists of biological faculty of Moscow State University have discovered a new strain of lactic acid bacteria, known as Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis 194. In perspective this bacterium can be
Sample of a plant-virus-based virion Natural science
Scientists from the Moscow State University will create vaccines against rubella, Siberian plague and rotavirus enteritis
According to the press service of the Moscow state University, a faculty of biology of the university has successfully completed the preclinical trials of a new safe vaccine against rubella based on a
Исследование: ради потомства кулики готовы сутками непрерывно высиживать яйца Natural science
Research: for the sake of posterity shorebirds are ready to hatch eggs continuously for days
A group of scientists-ornithologists composed of the more than 70 people from different countries compared the behavior of 32 species of shorebirds nesting in different corners of the globe.
Report of Olga Golodets at a meeting with the Deputies PM. Photo - government.ru Natural science
High-tech medical care will be developed in Russia
In his message to the Federal Assembly in December 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed in the three years in a half times increase the volume of high-tech medical care (HMC).
Photo - RIA Novosti Natural science
Scientists scared the microparticles away
As part of the international team of scientists , the Russian physicists proposed a new method of controlling the microparticles on solid surfaces in the aquatic environment.
Mental Health conference in MSU 2016 Natural science
The future of psychiatry – outpatient treatment and rehabilitation of patients and their families
Currently, in Russia and in the world there is a new approach to psychotherapy taking into account modern challenges and scientific discoveries. Conference “Mental health: social, clinical, organizational