Twenty-five chapters of life of Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna
Presentation of memoirs of Grand Duchess Olga Aleksandrovna “25 chapters of my life” took place on February 15, 2017 in Historical Museum in Moscow. Memoirs of the youngest sister of Nicholas
S.E. Naryshkin and D.V. Manturov at «350 years of Russian state shipbuilding. Traits of history.» exhibition. History
The pride of shipbuilding of Russia will be the driver of industry development
350 years ago in Russia started the shipbuilding industry. This event gave a reasin to the Russian Historical Society, in cooperation with the Ministry of industry to open the exhibition devoted to the
Памятник Владимиру Красное Солнышко появился в Москве History
The monument to Vladimir the Red Sun appeared in Moscow
The memory of St. Prince Vladimir (ruled Kiev Rus in 980-1015) was immortalized on 04 Nov 2016 by powerful monument on the Borovitskaya square in Moscow. The author of the monument is a people’
49 years ago Che Guevara was killed
Ernesto Rafael Guevara de la Serna, better known as Che Guevara, was killed on October 09, 1957 in Bolivia, where, according to official data, he went to administer the world revolution.
Артефакты с места раскопок. Фото Министерства Культуры РФ History
Archeological excavations on Kara-Tau
In July 2016, with the support of the Ministry of culture in Belogorskiy district of the Republic of Crimea the rescue archaeological excavations began of an ancient sanctuary located on the Northern side of mount Kara-Tau.
30 июля 1784 года родился Денис Давыдов History
Denis Davydov was born on July 30, 1784
Denis Davydov was born on 17 (30) July 1784 in Moscow in the noble family. Lieutenant-General of cavalry. Cousin of famous generals A. P. Yermolov, N. N. Rajewski. A senior contemporary and friend of A.
The day of Slavic writing and culture
In may 2016 in different cities of Russia will take place 375 festive events with participation of the Ministry of culture of Russia, devoted to Day of Slavic writing and culture. They include exhibitions
I. S. Mazepa and A. S. Shishkov were born on March 20
20 March was marked in the Russian history with the birth of two people: Hetman Mazepa and Admiral Shishkov. One betrayed Russia, the other devoted his life to the protection of Russian antiquity.
Празднование юбилея Максима Горького History
Celebration of M.Gorky jubilee
Russian Ministry of Culture started preparations to Maxim Gorky jubilee on September 28, 2015. The jubilee means 150-th anniversary from date of the writer’s birthday, which will happen in 2018.
Ильинский (Лубянский) сквер в Москве History
Ilyinsky (Loubyanskiy) park in Moscow
Historically this place in heart of Moscow is part of Kitai Gorod (Citta City). Ilyinka street appeared in XIV because of residence of Crimean merchants selling silk, and was named in XVI after former
The Decembrists are the first organized Russian nationalists?
The Decembrists are the first organized Russian nationalists? Today 14 December, the anniversary of the momentous events of 1825. The young officers, the Russian aristocrats who gave their lives or well-being
ДНК Ричарда III Плантагенета по мужской линии сомнительна History
DNA of Richard III Plantagenet in the male line questionable
British scientists studying the DNA of the remains of king Richard III Plantagenet, discovered in 2012 on the site of friary of Grey Friars friary in Leicester, known as the last resting place of Richard III.
Документы с Горы Афон планируют оцифровать History
Documents from mount Athos are planning to digitize
Books, manuscripts and rare documents from mount Athos are planning to digitize. This will help keep artifacts from disappearing. The project “Digital ark” provides for the creation of a separate