Russian insurance market grew in 2016
Earlier media wrote that the Russian insurance market has lost about a quarter of the companies-players (at the end of December they counted less than 260 companies instead of 330 at the beginning of the year).
Rolf 25 years Cars
Rolf increased sales of new cars by 16% in 2016
Rolf announced results of its work in 2016 year. The company noted that it managed to achieve a positive dynamics by all key business indicators and increase revenue by 30%. The best revenue growth was
S. Katyrin, president of Trade Chamber of Russia Economy
CCI: the Requirement to replace the cash register needs to be hold
The Federal Tax Service (FTS Russia) is preparing to oblige all businesses to replace old cash registers (CCP) to the new one that can instantly send information about the purchase (law 54-FZ).
Renault Twizy. Photo: Renault Russia Cars
Electric cars will appear in Krasnodar region
Krasnodar region continues to implement the project of electric transport in the South of Russia. Two agreements in this sphere were signed at Russian investment forum in Sochi. One of them will create
Denis Manturov Market news
The Ministry of Industry thinks to resettle Russians in a wooden house
The Ministry of industry and trade of Russia is finalizing the Strategy of timber industry development till 2030. Reliance on well-forgotten old idea – wooden houses will be a new thing in this strategy
In Sochi experts started to discuss investment in the Russian regions
The Russian investment forum opened in Sochi. Senior officials of Russia and big business representatives joined on 27 Feb – 28 Feb 2017 to discuss the main directions of Russia’
В.В. Коноваленко. Бегемот Economy
French retailers fight with the producers
In France, the period of late February is traditionally the time of the conclusion of contracts between large distribution networks and their suppliers. “The price war. Tensions in the negotiations
Dairy intervention are unprofitable now, but will be held later
The Ministry of agriculture, according to its Director of the Department of animal husbandry and breeding N. Aberkhanov recognizes that the ongoing dairy intervention is unprofitable…
Experts: reasons for the fall of the economy are out of sanctions
On 16 February 2017 at the Association of European businesses (AEB) was held a discussion “Talks on Russian economy”. It was attended by Ruslan Grinberg, head of the research Institute of Economy
Glaziev believes that Orthodox banking is a way out of the abyss
Experts talked about the development of Russian banking system, engines of domestic production growth, and discussed project of equity financing of business in Russian Public Chamber on February 14, 2017.
Companies news
Vernissage may be a hospitality phenomenon
One of my friends – at that time she was PhD student at History department of Moscow State University – started working in Italian restaurant and told me once, that she loved to serve and to sell food to the people.
Russian and Slovenian companies signed agreements Economy
Slovenian-Russian trade will grow because of new contracts
At the third Russian-Slovenian business meeting “Looking to the future: new opportunities for cooperation with Europe” held on 10 February 2017 in Moscow, were signed 14 business contracts
Jacques Sapir, Director of Studies, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) Economy
Jacques Sapir believes that Russia and Europe are facing similar tasks
«Growth is slowly, but definately returning», – defined the current economic situation in our country the economist Jacques Sapir, Professor of the graduate School of Research in Social Sciences
Russia introduced a new approach to recycling
A new approach to waste recycling, implemented by the government of Russia, will affect all of us. The basis of this approach is a responsible attitude to the problem of businesses and residents, or, in
Christopher J. Weafer, Senior Partner of Macro-Advisory Macroeconomy
Western experts: in 2017 in Russia small growth and stability will take place
In Russia there are good preconditions for economic growth, it is noted by leading experts gathered on 31 January 2017 in the Association of European Businesses (AEB) at the meeting entitled “