Energy industry
Changing the head of the French Electricity
Le Monde reports that the mandate of the current head of the French Electricity (Électricité de France) Henri Proglio, is expiring on November 22, 2014. The post will go to Jean-Bernard levy, who heads
Французские авиалинии инвестируют в дешёвые полёты Трансавиа Avia
French airlines to invest in cheap flights Transavia
According to La croix, air Air France-KLM group plans to invest in the project low-cost flights in its branch Transavia, followed by companies Lufthansa / Germanwings and British Airways / Vueling.
Прогноз ВВП России 2017 Macroeconomy
Russia is close to stagnation
According to the forecast of The World Bank, at the end of the first half of 2014, Russia is close to stagnation. Indications for this are the decline in domestic demand. Companies and households has already