Снизился объём производства шин в России Cars
Production of tires in Russia decreased
In January-September 2014 in Russia produced 37.6 million tires, tires and tubes (-4.1% in 2013). The major market players continue to: Nizhnekamskshina, Nizhnekamskshina and Altai Tyre Plant.
Акции компании Total на Парижской бирже упали на 2% Energy industry
Shares of Total fell in Paris exchange by 2%
Shares of grand oil company Total fell by 2% to €42.08 per share, and capitalization decreased to €100.3 bln. 20.10.2014 in avia crash died its managing director Christophe de Margerie.
Banks and Credits
British people now have better chances to buy accomodation – HSBC decreased mortgage rate
HSBC will decrease mortgage rate to 0.99% – the lowest rate, which will reduce mortgage credit expenses by pounds of pound strelings. It is expected, that increase of currect bank rate by 0.
Energy industry
Rosstat has published data on oil production and prices in Russia
On the website of the Federal Service of State Statistics (the so-called Rosstat) updated the index of industrial production of petroleum products (petrol for 104.7 and 103.9 for diesel) and consumer prices
Utaire will reduce stuff and flights
Drop in demand for aviatrips forces UTair to launch campagn for decrease expenses: in 2014-2015 it is decided to reduce 10% of stuff, 20% of flights, and also to postpone purchasing of 20 contracted Airbus
Banks and Credits
The Russian Central Bank has revoked the licenses of Purpe, CreditBank and Utika
The Central Bank, led by Elvira Nabiullina has revoked the licenses of banks Purpe (Tyumen) and CreditBank (Elista), as well as non-Bank credit organization Utika (Moscow) in connection with their participation in “
Energy industry
Changing the head of the French Electricity
Le Monde reports that the mandate of the current head of the French Electricity (Électricité de France) Henri Proglio, is expiring on November 22, 2014. The post will go to Jean-Bernard levy, who heads
Французские авиалинии инвестируют в дешёвые полёты Трансавиа Avia
French airlines to invest in cheap flights Transavia
According to La croix, air Air France-KLM group plans to invest in the project low-cost flights in its branch Transavia, followed by companies Lufthansa / Germanwings and British Airways / Vueling.