Вадим Прасов: у нас половина номерного фонда никак не регулируется
Vadim Prasov: half of Russian room stock is not regulated
Today in some Russian cities the segment of “apartments for rent” is close to take 50% share of the market of hotel services. Due to the fact that now the activities of private renting are not regulated at the state level, owners of the apartments can extract huge profits, often evading taxes.
Select-service отели России видят тренд к оптимизму и растут
Select-service hotels in Russia see a optimistic trend to expand
Recently we wrote about the fact that new international hotel chain comes to Russia with a budget select-service proposal. Is it a single case or a trend? The cultural and political magazine “E-Vesti” addressed this issue to Armin Eberhard, the head of Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre and the Chairman of the Committee of Hotel & Tourism of the Association of European Business (AEB).


AEB at IMAF 2016
Cars, Machinery
International Moscow Automotive Forum will be held on August 22-23
The prestigious annual VIII Moscow international automotive forum (IMAF) will be held on August 22-23, 2017 in “Expocentre” in Moscow. The Association of European Businesses…
UAZ Hunter Jungle version. Photo: UAZ
Cars, Machinery
UAZ is going to export up to 20’000 vehicles annually
UAZ is planning to expand geography of sales and production within next 3 years. As the result it will increase export share of sales up…
Rolf 25 years
Cars, Machinery
Rolf increased sales of new cars by 16% in 2016
Rolf announced results of its work in 2016 year. The company noted that it managed to achieve a positive dynamics by all key business indicators…
Renault Twizy. Photo: Renault Russia
Cars, Machinery
Electric cars will appear in Krasnodar region
Krasnodar region continues to implement the project of electric transport in the South of Russia. Two agreements in this sphere were signed at Russian investment…
Mercedes-Benz - leader of premium segment in Europe. Photo: Daimler AG
Cars, Machinery
Automotive market of Europe is growing
Automotive market of Europe is growingSales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Europe, including Eastern, amounted to 19.5 million vehicles in 2016…
Groupe Renault sales figures. Photo: Groupe Renault
Cars, Machinery
Group Renault grows all over the world
Global sales of Group Renault totaled 3.18 million of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in 2016. It is 13.3% more than in 2015 year.…
New Omnicraft Brand of Ford Motor Company. Photo: Ford Motor Company
Cars, Machinery
Ford Motor Company will earn on servicing of competitors
Ford Motor Company has launched the new brand of high-quality and competitively-priced spare parts – Omnicraft. These replacement parts are designed for all makes of…
ROAD results of 2016 press-conference
Cars, Machinery
In 2017, the dealers will sell more cars but close 150 points
According to the forecast of the Association “Russian Automobile Dealers” (short ROAD) in 2017 will be sold about 1.5 million new cars in Russia, 5%…
Bentley Bentayga. Photo: Bentley Motors
Cars, Machinery
Mercury Group: the Luxury segment feels good in Russia
Motorists who prefer exclusive cars, continue to update and to expand their garage in Russia. According to the statistics of automobile sales in Russia in…
AEB Automobile Manufactures Committe. Results of 2016 and forecast of 2017 year. Jörg Schreiber
Cars, Machinery
AEB: automotive market will grow by 4.1% in 2017 year
Automobile Manufacturers Committee of the Association of European Businesses (AEB) is expecting the end of a 4-year period of the fall in 2017 and expects…
BMW plant in Mexico. Photo: BMW Group
Cars, Machinery
BMW will build a new plant in Mexico
As said in an interview with BBC Director of marketing and sales of the German carmaker from Bavaria Ian Robertson (Bayerische Motoren Werke, Ian Robertson),…
Cars, Machinery
Forum of Russian car dealers has put urgent questions for a number of markets
Representatives of the government and the business community, which determine the development of the national automotive market of Russia, took part in the annual trade…