EXANTE and SEC: it’s time to become a trader Banks and Credits
EXANTE and SEC: it’s time to become a trader
A trader is a person who trades on the stock exchange and tries to earn profit from trading operations. Traders trade stocks, futures, options as well as other assets on the stock exchange.
Портал продажи крипловалюты wex.nz запустил wex.ac Banks and Credits
Wex.ac is a new domain of wex.nz
2011 was the year of steady growth of popularity of the Russian-speaking exchange BTC-e. When its development reached its peak, the daily turnover of the platform exceeded $60 million.
Д. Руденко. Президент-председатель правления «Почта Банка». Banks and Credits
Within 7 years, the Post Bank will be included in the top-3 Russian Bank
On 11 Aug 2016 strategy of Pochta Bank until 2023 was approved. The authors aim at expanding customer base up to 21 million people, to enter the top-3 leading banks of Russia and to open 26 thousand points of the Bank.
Рынок автокредитования к ноябрю 2015 года Banks and Credits
The loan market by November 2015
Sales within the state incentives programme in the period from 1 January to 1 November 2015 amounted to 453’573 car. Only from October 26 to November 1, was implemented 15’593 cars.
Кредит Banks and Credits
Latin word “credit” (credere) means to believe, to trust. The second name of creditor or lender is trustier. In our time, it is already difficult to see behind the established credit relations
Во Франции запретили оплату наличными свыше 1'000 евро Banks and Credits
Cash payments over 1’000 Euro are forbidden in France
Starting from September 01, 2015 French consumers, entrepreneurs and companies have not to pay in cash or by electronic money purchasing over 1’000 Euro. The Decree n° 2015-741 dd June 24, 2015 was
Банки смогут получить беспроцентные кредиты на 25 трлн руб Banks and Credits
Banks will get free credits at 25 trillion RUR
Russian goverment is advised to launch “programme of quantative softening” like USA by financial support of bank sector. Banks will get money from Central bank, will re-credit it by 3-4% to
Banks and Credits
25 banks have not passed the European tests
According to a study of the European Central Bank (La Banque centrale européenne, BCE), 25 banks from the euro area are not able to resist 130 in the financial shock and have a need for capital to 25 billion euros.
Banks and Credits
British people now have better chances to buy accomodation – HSBC decreased mortgage rate
HSBC will decrease mortgage rate to 0.99% – the lowest rate, which will reduce mortgage credit expenses by pounds of pound strelings. It is expected, that increase of currect bank rate by 0.
Banks and Credits
The Russian Central Bank has revoked the licenses of Purpe, CreditBank and Utika
The Central Bank, led by Elvira Nabiullina has revoked the licenses of banks Purpe (Tyumen) and CreditBank (Elista), as well as non-Bank credit organization Utika (Moscow) in connection with their participation in “