Aerospace Science Week Avia
Aerospace Science Week: development prospects of Russian high-tech industries
On November 15, 2016 a plenary discussion “Prospects and problems of development of Russian high-tech industries” was held at the Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) in
New materials and technologies for Russian industry
On June 28, 2016 all-Russian research Institute of aviation materials (VIAM) held III all-Russian scientific-technical conference “the Role of fundamental research in the implementation of Strategic
Русский производитель двигателей поставит продукцию в США Avia
Russian engine manufacturer will supply products in the United States
NPO Energomash and RD-193 has won the tender held by Orbital Science Corporation. The engines will be installed on carriers Antares, which will be produced in 2017. The engines were developed in the framework
Аэропорт Калуга заработает в декабре 2014 года Avia
Aeroport Kaluga will start wotking in December 2014
International aeroport Kaluga will start working after reconstruction in the middle of December 2014. It will work in full in 2015 . By 2030 it will service 500 whousand people annually. Area –
Utaire will reduce stuff and flights
Drop in demand for aviatrips forces UTair to launch campagn for decrease expenses: in 2014-2015 it is decided to reduce 10% of stuff, 20% of flights, and also to postpone purchasing of 20 contracted Airbus
Французские авиалинии инвестируют в дешёвые полёты Трансавиа Avia
French airlines to invest in cheap flights Transavia
According to La croix, air Air France-KLM group plans to invest in the project low-cost flights in its branch Transavia, followed by companies Lufthansa / Germanwings and British Airways / Vueling.