Вадим Прасов: у нас половина номерного фонда никак не регулируется
Vadim Prasov: half of Russian room stock is not regulated
Today in some Russian cities the segment of “apartments for rent” is close to take 50% share of the market of hotel services. Due to the fact that now the activities of private renting are not regulated at the state level, owners of the apartments can extract huge profits, often evading taxes.
Select-service отели России видят тренд к оптимизму и растут
Select-service hotels in Russia see a optimistic trend to expand
Recently we wrote about the fact that new international hotel chain comes to Russia with a budget select-service proposal. Is it a single case or a trend? The cultural and political magazine “E-Vesti” addressed this issue to Armin Eberhard, the head of Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre and the Chairman of the Committee of Hotel & Tourism of the Association of European Business (AEB).


Портал продажи крипловалюты wex.nz запустил wex.ac
Banks and Credits
Wex.ac is a new domain of wex.nz
2011 was the year of steady growth of popularity of the Russian-speaking exchange BTC-e. When its development reached its peak, the daily turnover of the…
AEB at IMAF 2016
Cars, Machinery
International Moscow Automotive Forum will be held on August 22-23
The prestigious annual VIII Moscow international automotive forum (IMAF) will be held on August 22-23, 2017 in “Expocentre” in Moscow. The Association of European Businesses…
Market news
Reiman’s factory Angstrem becomes Zelenograd zone resident
According to the press service of the Ministry of economic development of Russia (Mineconomy), on 26 June 2017 the Deputy Minister A. Tsybulsky will present…
Игорь Артемьев, руководитель Федеральной антимонопольной службы
FAS stands for comparable and stable pharmaceuticals
“We will try less to deal with cost of drugs, because it is formed outside the country”, – said the Head of the Federal Antimonopoly…
UAZ Hunter Jungle version. Photo: UAZ
Cars, Machinery
UAZ is going to export up to 20’000 vehicles annually
UAZ is planning to expand geography of sales and production within next 3 years. As the result it will increase export share of sales up…
Alexey Miller. Photo: Gazprom
Energy industry
Post office of Russia will switch to gas vehicles
Fleet of more than 17’000 vehicles currently in service of “Post office of Russia” will be gradually replaced with running on modern fuels. About it…
Russian insurance market grew in 2016
Earlier media wrote that the Russian insurance market has lost about a quarter of the companies-players (at the end of December they counted less than…