Faberge ashtray at Tsarskoe selo Museums
Tsarskoye Selo collection supplemented with the WW1 Faberge
Collection of the workshop units by the famous jeweler Carl Faberge in Tsarskoye Selo was supplemented with an ashtray produced during the First world war (1914-1918). Museum’
Director of the Metropolitan Museum retired
The Director of one of the largest museums in the world – American Metropolitan (Metropolitan Museum of Art de New York), Thomas Campbell announced that he officially leaves the Museum at the end of June
The restoration of the portal of lazurite cost for Tsarskoye Selo 5 mln RUR
In the famous Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo part of the decoration of the Lyons hall of the Catherine II epoch was restored. We are talking about the lazurite portal, consisting of 150 kg of lazurite
Tretyakov Gallery 1898. Photo: tretyakovgallery.ru Museums
Tretyakov gallery: past, present and plans
The State Tretyakov Gallery is the main Russian Museum, the brainchild of third guild merchants Tretyakov, Pavel Mikhailovich and Sergei Mikhailovich. Date of establishment of the Museum – 1856 is the
Director of Tsarskoe selo museum O. Taratynova. Photo: press-service of Tsarskoe selo Museums
Imperial set of dishes produced in 20 years and other news of Tsarskoye Selo
2016 marked for Tsarskoye Selo with a very important event – new additions in collection, the long-awaited opening of the Arsenal and the completion of the restoration of the Marble bridge in the Catherine Park.
State Museum of Alexander Pushkin, hall of second half of the XX century Museums
State Museum of Alexander Pushkin showed its collection of sculptures for the first time
From December 7, 2016, an exhibition “Sculpture in the assembly of State Museum of Alexander Pushkin ” is working in Moscow. Since the moment of museum foundation in 1957 this private collection
Delegation troop of Ataman Punin after reception at the Minister of War Guchkov. Atelier K.K. Bulla. Petrograd. March 9, 1917. Archive of Olga Khoroshilova Museums
The story of the king’s special forces – The exhibition opened in Tsarskoye Selo dedicated to ataman Punin’s troop
From this legendary partisan detachment began the history of modern Russian special forces over 100 years ago during the First World War. More precisely with the letter of lieutenant Leonid Punin to the
Rudentsov gifts Museum of Pushkine Museums
Pushkin Museum replenished its collection and presented a book about R. Klein from Rudentsovyh
25 November 2016 at the State Pushkin Museum on Prechistenka was held cognitive, emotional and brilliant event, a social event for lovers of art, architecture and music. The culprit of the celebration
Acception of Tutchev's wife archive. Photo; Russian Ministry of Culture Museums
Ernestine Tiutcheva’s letters were gifted to the museum “Muranovo Manor”
23 letters of Ernestine Tiutcheva (nee von Pfeffel) and her brother Carl von Pfeffel were transferred to the museum-reserve “Muranovo Manor” on October 26, 2016 by the Ministry of Culture of Moscow Region.
"Daubigny's Garden", Vincent van Gogh, 1890. Photo - vangoghmuseum.nl Museums
Amsterdam museum’s exhibition will explore Daubigny’s influence on Van Gogh
On October, 21, 2016, the exhibition “Daubigny, Monet, van Gogh: impressions of landscape” has opened in Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. This exhibition is devoted to the work of Daubigny and
M. Lermontov at the age of 3-4 years. Unknown painter Museums
Day of Lermontov memory is a reason to discover new things about the poet
On October 15, 1814, was born a man who lived 26 years only, but flashed like a bright star on the horizon of the Russian culture. Mikhail Lermontov became the second after A. S. Pushkin in poets’ range
Assumption Cathedral of Moscow Kremlin. Photo: Press-service of Museums of Moscow Kremlin Museums
Moscow Kremlin Museums will acquaint visitors with the Art Deco and French Gothic
Moscow Kremlin Museums do not need a special introduction. It comprise the heart of Russia – the Kremlin, its shrines, where Russian emperors were crowned, and many of the most valuable monuments
Vasa Museum (Sweden). Photo of Vasa museum Museums
Swedish Vasa Museum is one of the best in the world
According to the results of a survey conducted during a year by the largest global travel site TripAdvisor Inc (headquartered in USA), the Swedish Vasa Museum occupies the 10th place in the global ranking of museums in 2016.
Pushkin Fine Art Museum Museums
Pushkin Fine Art Musem launched virtual exposition
In addition to more than 100 Russian virtual museums, available for free access in the Internet, we’ve got new VR-project of Pushkin Fine Art Museum.
State History Museum Russia Museums
The State Historical Museum – one of the most visited in Russia
According to Russian Ministry of Culture, the State Historical Museum of Russia is in the TOP10 of the most visited museums in the country in 1H 2016. The museum complex includes the History Museum, St. Basil’