Вадим Прасов: у нас половина номерного фонда никак не регулируется
Vadim Prasov: half of Russian room stock is not regulated
Today in some Russian cities the segment of “apartments for rent” is close to take 50% share of the market of hotel services. Due to the fact that now the activities of private renting are not regulated at the state level, owners of the apartments can extract huge profits, often evading taxes.
Select-service отели России видят тренд к оптимизму и растут
Select-service hotels in Russia see a optimistic trend to expand
Recently we wrote about the fact that new international hotel chain comes to Russia with a budget select-service proposal. Is it a single case or a trend? The cultural and political magazine “E-Vesti” addressed this issue to Armin Eberhard, the head of Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre and the Chairman of the Committee of Hotel & Tourism of the Association of European Business (AEB).


Колебания экспорта автомобилей в первой половине 2015 года
Fluctuations in vehicle export H1 2015
The drop in the ruble exchange rate to dollar and Euro that had been one of the factors caused negative effect on car sales within…
Импорт, в том числе автомобилей, идет на спад
Cars, Machinery
Import, i.e. vehicles, is on decline
Economic situation in Russia continues negatively affecting the import of foreign goods. According to the Federal customs service, in January-July 2015 the decrease in total…
Авторынок Ростова-на-Дону переживает спад
Vehicle market of Rostov-on-don is in recession
Sales of new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia, according to the Association of European Businesses, suffered significant decline during the first quarter…
Авторынок России в свете политического контекста в 2015 году
Cars, Machinery
Russian auto market in 2015 in view of political context
Political context of the auto market development is determined by strategic planning of the state power, as well as by its tactic orders and programms.…
Ferrari will withdraw from the Fiat-Chrysler
The famous Italian automaker, Ferrari will be removed from the Fiat-Chrysler. This will strengthen the special status of the manufacturer of luxury. In 2015, the…
Снизился объём производства шин в России
Cars, Machinery
Production of tires in Russia decreased
In January-September 2014 in Russia produced 37.6 million tires, tires and tubes (-4.1% in 2013). The major market players continue to: Nizhnekamskshina, Nizhnekamskshina and Altai…
Российские торговые санкции затрагивают Rolls-Royce
Russian trade sanctions affect Rolls-Royce
Shares of the British company rolls-Royce (Rolls-Royce) fell 11.5% in connection with the notice of the company about the drop in revenue from the Russian…
Volkswagen will be the first automaker in the world
According to expert Oliver Wyman, Volkswagen Group till 2018 will become the first global auto maker; probably, it may happen until the end of 2014.…