EXANTE and SEC: it’s time to become a trader Banks and Credits
EXANTE and SEC: it’s time to become a trader
A trader is a person who trades on the stock exchange and tries to earn profit from trading operations. Traders trade stocks, futures, options as well as other assets on the stock exchange.
Justin Stebbing about green filters Home and beauty
Justin Stebbing about ten best filter plants
The problem of lack of clean air in the office or at home causes a lot of inconvenience to residents of the metropolis, says Justin Stebbing from Camden Garden Centre in London. You can solve this problem
Energy industry
Expert: if the US agrees with Russia, oil price can reach up to $40
Russia, whose budget and social obligations depend on oil prices, is now negotiating with the entire world in order to cooperate during a global crisis caused by a new coronavirus. In particular, our government
Wil Salden: everybody that comes to see us has got good taste
A concert by the Glenn Miller orchestra will take place on February 22, 2020 at the house of Music in Moscow. It will be a real feast for all fans of swing music. They will enjoy with world-famous compositions
Belle du Berry: I’m curious about Russian music
Concerts of French music are always interesting for Russia: whether they represent the great world classical traditions, or whether introduce the national chanson or the modern musical life of France
International expert described HR department’s problems in Russia
At the first glance, due to several initiatives of the Ministry of labour in Russia in 2020, life of HR departments should be improved now, and the only problem us lack of human resources due to the deepening demographic crisis.
More conflict or more cooperation, that is the question. New opportunities for industrial partnerships.
Preface of “E-Vesti”. We draw the attention of our readers to this exclusive article, in which the Advisor for the Basque Government Mr. Angel Landabaso tells our readers about the current
Mikel Landabaso: EU wants to open itself up to conversation
European experience in regional development is very precious for readers of “E-Vesti”. As soon as we learned about a new interesting project that is being implemented in the European Union, we decided to write about it.
Armin Eberhard: promotion of MICE tourism give profit to Russian hotels
Tourism is an industry on which the leaders of Russia have high hopes following the global trend. Promotion of national tourist routes gives the country not only popularity in the world, but also a good
There is a chance INF Treaty will be prolonged
A week ago, President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with permanent members of the Security Council and pointed out that on August 18, 2019, the Americans tested a cruise missile, which belongs to the prohibited
Ligue 1 results on the 777score website
Today, modern technologies have made it possible to follow the development of events of football matches using a mobile phone.
Turkmenistan should focus Iran and Russia in the nearest future
It is wide known, thay Turkmenistan is one of the key driving forces in the development of Caspian cooperation (between Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan). For this purpose, the main
Россия выразит позицию по выборам в Украине до 24 апреля Ukraine
Ukraine at a critical crossroads
Zelenskiy looks set to win … Polls show that Volodymyr Zelenskiy is best positioned to become Ukraine’s next president on 21 April.
Банкир Стюарт Лоусон: некоторые завидуют моему увлечению Culture and art
Banker Stuart Lawson: some people are jealous of my passion
Graduates of Oxford Humanities, a banker, a high school teacher and the largest analyst Stuart Max Lawson never tire of surprising … Recently with the support of Sberbank (note, not Citibank or HSBC!
Портал продажи крипловалюты wex.nz запустил wex.ac Banks and Credits
Wex.ac is a new domain of wex.nz
2011 was the year of steady growth of popularity of the Russian-speaking exchange BTC-e. When its development reached its peak, the daily turnover of the platform exceeded $60 million.