National university ranking will appear in Russia

В России появится национальный рейтинг ВУЗов

People interested in the acquisition of knowledge, had always been looking for the best teachers and masters to study, not paying attention to distances. Aristocracy and scholars went to study at recognised institutions of the world. Today the opportunities of choice of school are better, and a list of educational institutions is no longer limited by several names – why in the world there are dozens of comparative rankings: global, national, reputation, promising, and which serve to navigate through the proposal of educational services. In Russia, work is also being undertaken by the company Reytor.

In 2009, the rector of Moscow state University. Lomonosov Viktor Sadovnichy had discussions with the leadership of the country about establishment of an independent international rating agencies, which have been evaluated by higher educational institutions. This required to find the rating Agency (they became RUR, Round University Rankin), independent experts and sources of funding.

The goal of creating a national rating – strengthening of positions of Russian Universities abroad. Existing global rankings do not differ in terms of criteria, but do not take into account the specificities and strengths of domestic higher education. Global rankings are also required to do more objective. In the framework of the creation of the project plan to evaluate the higher education institutions of Russia, CIS and some countries of Europe.

The development of the selection criteria will be handled by a group of 30 rectors. The basis for comparison will be the recognition, the citation, the interaction of the University with society, the role for culture in General and of the region, employment of graduates, the opinion of the employers about them, etc.

After a month there will be held the first meeting of the organizing Committee. 170 Universities have already expressed their desire to participate in the ranking. The first results will appear in 2017.