National electronic library got legal clearance

All Russian libraries have been implementing the plan of digitization of library collections during last 10 years. The result of performed project was collected in the united National electronic library. Today, the fund – 1’667’567 copies and it was approached 9.4 million times in 2015.

Similar projects exist in other countries – The Digital Public Library of America works since 1990s in the United States, Gallica – The BnF digital library in France, the German Digital Library.

However, this process still has not been sufficiently standardized in technical terms.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed two bills of the Ministry of Culture of Russia of the National electronic library (NEB) as a Federal information system:

  1. “On amendments to the Federal law “On librarianship” (No. 342-FZ dated 03.07.2016) regulates the establishment and operation of NEB.
  2. “On amendments to the Federal law “On obligatory copy of documents” (№ 278-FZ of 03.07.2016) regulates filling of fund.

The changes bring order to the replenishment of the library (form and content), as well as require to pass electronic copies of the documents to ITAR-TASS and the Russian State Library (RSL). Innovations come into force on January 1, 2017.

Sources: Russian Ministry of Culture, National Electronic Library.