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Mutuel education agreement between France and Russia


Education system in France was formed during the centuries and is now treated as one of the best in the world. At the same time english education for years was treated more prestigious and accessible in Russia. And it was really justified. A number of Russian businessmen, leaders and famous persons finished english schools. Most of them thought, that education in Englang opens doors to a better life. But English education became too expensive now.

French education system differs from English, because state education establishments are dominated there together with free education possibilities for everyone, including foreigners. Besides, the students have real opportunity to get grant or even to become holder of French state grant. That is why every year a number of Russians go to France for education. The country is treated third by number of foreign students.

In 29 june 2015 year, minister of education and science Dmitry Livanov and ambassador of France in Russia Jean Moris Ripper signed agreement about mutual declaration of education, qualifications and academic degrees after two years of active intergovernmental collaboration of Russia and France. Prime minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has signed the instruction about this agreement in 2014 year yet.

According to this agreement following documents are recognized comparable:

  • Diploma of the secondary vocational education, which is acquired in Russia, and diploma of technically higher qualified person/university technological diploma;
  • Diploma bachelor in Russia and diploma licentiate (Licence);
  • Higher education of first year magistracy in Russia and education of first year programme Master in France;
  • Diploma of specialist/master’s degree corresponds to Diploma Master;
  • Academic degree of science’s candidate, which is acquired in Russia and doctor’s degree in France.

Accepted agreement is very important for both states. This decision will simplify procedure of enrolment to foreign universities and promote to the attraction of highly qualified specialists with French education to Russia.

It should be noted that education’s system in France is differ from Russian. The system french higher education supposes initial student’s understanding – what he will be occupied in future and who he wants to be. For example, if student chooses the course Internet-marketing so he/she has opportunity to find a work just in this sphere. Also exams are very popular in the form of written tasks in France. Oral examination is practised seldom. It can be added that French students have more holidays but study is more difficult and independent.

Ecole de commerce, Strasbourg 2015
Ecole de commerce, Strasbourg 2015

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