Museum of Oriental art and Gallery “Triumph” tell about “Memory Space”

Soft skin. Ming Jung Yeon. Museum of East

Until February 28, 2017 in the State Museum of East you can see the symbiosis of European and Asian modern art, represented in the works of young Korean artist Jung Yeon Min. She works very personally in content, combining elements of realism and fantasy, and unites the Oriental ornaments and biomorphic forms. The exhibition presents about 30 of graphics and paintings and installations, including works created especially for the exhibition in the Museum of the East.

South Korean artist Min Jung Yeon (1979 -) is a graduate of Hongik University in Seoul, then she studied at the Higher School of fine arts (École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts) in Paris. Currently she lives and works in the South of France. The first personal exhibition of the artist was held in Moscow in 2014 in the Gallery “Triumph”. She has also exhibited in France (Saint-Etienne, Musee du Louvre, Grand et Petit Palais), USA (Metropolitain), etc.

Korean artist talks about her perception of the global world: “the Europeans by nature are opened, they are actively discussing exhibited paintings, while the Koreans are closed. In Russia people have more freedom. For me it is very interesting to contact with another culture. I’m a Korean, I feel my origin, but I don’t live in South Korea. I have no desire to live there, because I can always go back there. I like to travel”.

«My paintings, – said Jung Yeon Min to readers “E-Vesti”, – this is my daily life.

It may seem to you that there is a surrealism, but I don’t think so. I work according to own experiences, but I use 3D computers and games, which are inherently unreal, fantastic. I’m a fan of computer games, and my work is linked with them”.

In the center of the exhibition there is a large white figure, like a large bird, but it is called “Soft skin”. Jung Yeon Min explained her thoughts: “This image symbolizes the migration, migration of birds. The composition expresses a constant anxiety, fears. It is in black inside because it is always in your mind, you do not exactly know what awaits you outside. You are traveling not only in direct sense of the word, but also you do it in Your ideas».

The idea that unites the works presented in the exhibition is a study of memory of spaces at the junction of reality and fiction.

Theatre without the fringe. Ming Jung Yeon
Theatre without the fringe. Ming Jung Yeon

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