Museum of Moscow opened all-new vision exhibition

Музей Москвы открыл выставку Азбука Музея

On August 04, 2016 the Museum of Moscow held opening of exhibition named “the ABC of the museum”. The event reflects the desire of the Museum to impress the new interactive generation and to offer him a new vision of the collection.

The exhibition will be open from 05 August to 13 November 2016 in Moscow, at Zubovsky Boulevard, 2.

The Museum was created in 1896. In 2009 he formed a Museum Association of seven museums of the city of Moscow: the Museum Moscow, Museum of archeology of Moscow, Old English court Museum-the Golitsyns ‘ estate in Kuzminki Museum of history of Lefortovo, Russian accordion Museum and House on the embankment. The Museum’s collection includes more than 1 million things, first of all, archaeological finds, household items and city navigation.

The idea of modern reinterpretation of the collection belongs to Anatoly Golubovsky.

Анатолий Голубовский на открытии Азбуки Музея

For the Museum, according to its headmistress Alina Saprykina is “the first large-scale exhibition of the collection”. It has the support of city government and recommended for those present at the opening Deputy head of the Department of culture of Moscow V. E. Filippov.

Алина Сапрыкина на открытии Азбуки Музея

Выставку готовило множество людей, количество тем и размах экспозиции впечатляют. А. Сапрыкина заметила, что «выставка за 5 млн выглядит на 50 млн».

The exhibition was prepared by many people, the number and breadth of exposure is impressive. A. Saprykina said that “the exhibition looks for 5 million to 50 million.

What is an exhibition? This is a large room such as a garage, where you feel the smell of freshly cut wood. It puts the individual partitioned booths dedicated to urban topics. For example, “the Yards” or “the Dandies”. The sections are not uniform, each of them is unique in appearance and content, however, they have explanatory inscriptions.

В.Э. Филиппов на открытии Азбуки Музея

The only thing that unites all sections is the absence of their units for common classes: social origin, at the time discoveries are owners or collections. Therefore, an untrained person, especially the young, may experience confusion in the head.

Those people who understand the difference between the coronation celebrations and the Olympic games, will be amazed that they merged into one thematic section. In our opinion, here are many valuable, but the impression is incorrect Association of heterogeneous artifacts.

The exhibition will surely give a study effect, but will not give knowledge. Much will here is curious – and the clothes of the XIX century, and the old machine, and bench press, and charters of nobility, and stand with paper money, and the Department Vasnetsov – not only understanding of the city and its history. “Cool!”, – will the young visitor, take a snap a lot of photos in a mobile phone

Sources: Museum of Moscow.