MSU introduces a system of multifunctional campus card

Презентация кампусных карт - совместного проекта МГУ, Сбербанка, MasterCard и Правительства Москвы

MSU (Moscow State University) will become the first University where in everyday life of faculty, staff and students will enter multi-functional plastic cards – chip cards Mastercard® of SberBank.

In the framework of campus card users receive the following features:
the financial transaction with the salary and scholarships
– a pass at MSU
– the schedule and content of the classes
– request for documents and verification of compliance
– order and checkout in the library
– transport and medical capabilities
– discounts at 3’000 stores
– actual information from the Dean
– information about the Moscow state University (plans, bylaws etc)

MSU jointly with Sberbank, the Moscow Government and the company MasterCard on August 30, 2016 presented a new project which will be implemented first for the Economic and Law faculties, then it will extend to other faculties (more than 40 units at MSU), and after that it will be implemented in other Universities and regions of Russia. This project is provided with the financial support of Sberbank, the Moscow city government and private companies.

Артём Ермалаев, Министр Правительства Москвы

Artem Yermolayev (Moscow Government Minister, head of Department of information technology) stressed the social value of such a system for the city, for its important component as students are. The government has supported this project because its content coincides with the priorities of its programme of “comfortable city”.

German Gref (President, Chairman of the Board of Sberbank), outlined the joint project with Moscow state University as a “testing ground for all technologies.” According to him, it is “the first comprehensive draft” for a Bank that combines financial and non-financial opportunities. In the first month the bank will be testing cards, the preliminary results will be corrected and failures can be adjusted.

Герман Греф, Президент Сбербанка

According to G. Gref, at the forefront of the implementation of the new system stood as a “young, promising thinking” rector of MSU Viktor Sadovnichy. “Education should be clearly integrated into business and social needs of the people,” he said, while appreciating the innovative and necessary projects of the University, and handed Viktor Antonovich the honorable multifunctional campus card.

The rector, in his turn, expressed the hope that the introduction of a new information system would give University students the opportunity to “easier to live and to devote to study more time”.

Виктор Садовничий, Ректор МГУ

In response to the question of “E Vesti” about the international experience of implementation of such a multifunctional system, Viktor Antonovich said it is implemented here for the first time in full, although the idea came to Rector after meeting with cards in Seoul University (South Korea), which has a number of useful functions.

Moscow State University is actively developing today, and introduces other important innovations: he built a new student residence for 2’500 students adopted in 2016, a record number of the applicants – 10,000 entrants, and created a boarding school for talented children, which the Rector said, “This school is a modern Palace, is our gift to the future of Russia”. But we’ll write about it in the next article…

Source: Moscow State University