Natural science

MSU chemists have learned to accurately determine the oxygen ratio of the uranium complex oxides

X-ray photoelectron spectrum of valence electrons of the surface of single-crystal films of UO2. Picture of MSU

Chemists of Moscow state University under the leadership of Professor Yuri Teterin, together with Russian and British colleagues, have developed a new method to determine the oxygen ratio of the uranium complex oxides.

The authors note that they have developed the technique, which allows to obtain more accurate results in relation then previously existing methods. This is due to the method of x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, which means receipt of the signals from electrons with different energy levels and orbitals of atoms.

The work of an international group of scientists is very important for nuclear power. The results can be used in the extraction of uranium ore, manufacturing of fuel for nuclear power reactors, creation of matrices for burial of radioactive wastes, development of technologies of rehabilitation of the environment after industrial accidents.

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