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Movie night will be held in Russia on August 27, 2016

Фрагмент Дома-музея им. А. Чехова, где также пройдёт "Ночь кино" 2016. Фото: А. Доценко

For the first time “Movie Night” campaign will be held in Russia on August 27, 2016, on the Day of Russian cinema. The program of the event consists of free screenings, creative meetings and concerts. It is expected that it will be attended by about half-millon audience at 1’800 sites and will be accompanied by well-known figures of Russian culture: N. Mikhalkov, N. Khomeriki and Igor Ugolnikov.

According to the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky, “the main platform in Moscow will be the Theatre square, where Denis Matsuev will play a concert of his own interpretation of the soundtracks from movies. Here will also be shown “Battleship Potemkin” created by Sergei Eisenstein and the film “Legend № 17”. According to the minister, the most active regions, which will host the largest number of events in Russia are following: Krasnodar region, the Republic of Chuvashia and the Kirov region.

In Moscow will house 172 events on 131 facilities. In particular, the Moscow museums will take part there – Museum Association of musical culture named after M. I. Glinka and Literary museum will provide their valuable, memorable sites for movies.

Museum of Glinka “recreates” the most striking fragments of the most famous domestic films for children in the program “Movie! Movie! Movie!”, showing everyone the Eisenstein film “Battleship Potemkin”, and will give a lecture-demonstration “the Images of Chaliapin in the film,” in frames of educational program “How Peter defeated the wolf” and so on.

The State Literary Museum, the house of I. S. Ostroukhov, will host Literary quest “451 degree by fiction: other worlds” with prizes, a screening of short films “Green fields” together with its Director Vsevolod Brodsky. “House-Museum of A. P. Chekhov” will show the short film “My lover – Anton Chekhov”. We turned for help to the curator of the project in the House Ostroukhova Alexander Guskova, just to clarify, how does this relate to literary Museum and why museums are taking part in the project. We have explained the followin

“As for the film “the Green fields”, it is not connected directly with the literature (it is not adaptation), but with the literature associated quiz before it and the next conversation with the Director of the film. “Green fields” is very good movie that addresses problems that are always interesting for literature: responsibility, family relationships, and the inability to change the future.

It is important that this film with a fantastic assumption, but not pure genre fiction. We want to problematize the issue of genre in film and literature, and to draw the audience attention for very good novel, with fantastic pads, but which can not be reduced to pure fiction, and simply being good books.

With the Director we will try to talk about other art, including literature, if it had an influence on this film, and how literature in General is important for the movie.

I saw the movie, I’m sure it’s worth watching. And we use Movie Night as an excuse to show a good film, after which the person has a chance to ask himself different questions.”

Literary museum believes that the movie will give it more viewers through the discussion of films: “We will show quality product and will hold an important conversation, people will enjoy the space for reflection and will get a list of names to read. Then they may want to come back to us to get more”.


Russian Ministry of Culture, State Museum of Musical culture after M. Glinka, State Museum of literature